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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer, It Is Upon Us!

Hello All! I've been (ever so gently) encouraged by several people to start a blog... so I'm going to give it a shot (Lord only knows what it will look like until I can sort out all the technical stuff). I figure it can take the place of my (rather sporadic of late) update emails. I hope you'll pop in often and leave me a note when you do!

So... summer is here! Finally! It felt like this past winter lasted forever (and not in that good, Currier and Ives, snowy sort of way). Spring was lovely here... all cool and green... perfect really (if you ignored the fertilizer funk that wafted through the air nearly every day for a while). And summer dawned on the first of June, hot and humid. Sundance, my hairier-than-Cousin-It pooch, doesn't handle the heat especially well, so our daily park visits will, I think, move from 8:30am to 6:30am once school is out (on Thursday!). He wheezes more than I do after a mile or so and I have to literally drag him around by the end of the circuit (unlike when we walk in winter, when he drags me around).

Summer promises to be incredibly busy for us... Ryan is swimming on 2 swim teams and she has morning practices starting next week, along with evening practices now. I'm helping to coach the youngest swimmers on the evening league, so I get to spend time in the pool with the little sinkers every night. It's a whole lot of fun (except for the fact that all the other coaches range in age from 14 to 23 and they each have about 7% body fat... unlike my 43-year-old self and 207% body fat... so getting into the pool with them, with 100 parents watching... whoo hoo!! Talk about a boost for my self-image!!).

Ryan got moved to the 10-year-old group and is swimming like a little mermaid... she'll get her first experience swimming competitively in about 2 weeks. I'm excited about it, because I think she'll do well, but I'm sort of dreading it, too... she's so competitive and a HORRIBLE loser, so if she doesn't measure up to her own standards, it won't be fun at our house! I'll keep you posted. I'll be functioning as a 'stroke and turn judge' at the meets, but I'll still try to get some photos.

Other than swim team, we've got a week-long trip to Acadia National Park in Maine scheduled for mid-July. Ryan and I have done a couple of weekend camping trips to ready us for a week in the northern wilderness... we're both really looking forward to it.

That's all I'm going to bore you with for now... but I'll be back... have no fear! ;)

Take care... speak soon...

Much love, Diane... XO


mmmjaygee818 said...

Finally! I think I "gently" suggested this 2 years ago. Shows how you listen to me! Now I won't have to remember all the details of your Diane VS Random Wild Animal escapades, I can just forward a link. And, I get to see my beautiful and brilliant goddaughter more often (if you update the pictures occasionally - hint, hint).

katy said...

I know the feeling with the body mass comment, I went to a parent meeting, with no make up and felt like something that the cat had dragged in, the other mothers were in designer suits, Jimmy Choos and enough make up to be on the stage, talk about feeling inadequate!!!