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Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Me Again!

Hello All… I’m back to blogging after what seems like forever. I had the pleasure of a somewhat unexpected visit from my friend Hugh from London and we spent two weeks wandering about Washington and ‘Pigsknuckle’ (Hugh’s name for H’burg).

Hugh works in the film industry and given that the SAG strike is on at the moment, there’s not much work to be had. He was also sitting on a bunch of dollars he made on a film eons ago and since they’re worth nothing in the UK, he figured he’d rather spend them here. And spend them we did! We saw pretty much everything there was to see – every memorial and monument in Washington (and a few I didn’t even know existed), museums I’d never set foot in, and 'Jerry Springer – The Opera'; we ate sushi and steak and buckets o’food from a huge buffet; we drank (a lot); we walked about 5 or 6 hours a day, wore out a couple of pairs of shoes, and saw beautiful buildings and architecture, street beggars, and pretty much the entire gay population of DC. Back here, we saw caverns and battlefields and a president’s home; we went to the county fair (where Hugh saw a tractor pull with my neighbor, Wes… I didn’t need that little dose of ‘Americana’); we had a fire in the firepit outside and got eaten by mosquitoes; and we got all pruney after 7 hours at the water park. Ryan and Hugh picked on each other unmercifully, which was funny (especially when Hugh got her back by pouring water over her head while she waited in line for a ride at the fair). Sundance loved him (even though he called him ‘pathetic’ and ‘not a proper dog’ simply because he won’t fetch!). My mom asked him to stay another month after he cooked dinner (he’s a good cook). I told him I’ve never, ever spent 2 solid weeks with anyone (except Ryan when she was little)… I was amazed that I didn’t want to kick him even once! I think that’s because we’re not dating, though… had we been dating, I’m sure I would have felt the urge to kick him a few times. So, all in all, it was a good 2 weeks!

Hope yours was as good! Oh, new pictures to the left and down… enjoy! Diane…XO


Anonymous said...

Man, how cute is that Hugh?

Diane said...

Yup... pretty cute ;)