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Friday, August 29, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I was transported back 22 years this afternoon, while driving Ryan home from after-school. I was suddenly back at Radford, with my roommate Tracey, singing a Genesis song at the top of my lungs when, in the middle of the song, Tracey turned the radio down...

T: What did you just say?
Me: Huh? What? I was singing the song.
T: No, I don’t think you were.
Me: Yes I was.
T: What are the words to the chorus?
Me (out of tune): “She seems to have that physical attraction...”
T (snorting and laughing rudely): Oh. My. God. You’re retarded.
Me: What? Those aren’t the words?!
T: No, moron. It's, “She seems to have that invisible touch, yeah...”
Me: Seriously? Are you sure?
T (still laughing rudely): Oh. My. God.

So, the reason I was transported back 22 years to one of my many embarrassing moments from that period is that Ryan was singing along (loudly) to the radio… the song was “I Hope You Dance” by one of those country singer ladies...

Me (turning the radio down): What did you just say?
R: What? I was singing the song.
Me: I know... but what did you actually SAY? The “give faith” part...
R: You know, “...give faith for finding cheese.” I don’t get it, though.
Me (snorting): Oh. My. God. You are JUST like me!
R: What? Those aren’t the words?
Me: Nope. It’s “... give faith a fighting chance”!
R: Oh. Yeah. That’s makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?

Like mother, like daughter... God help her!


Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh I do it all the time. You know Sade's "Smooth Operator"?? I grew up singing "Ooh Boparetta" and I STILL have a hard time singing it correctly.

Too funny.

Diane said...

Heeeey... it DOES sound like 'Ooh Boparetta'! Man, We should do karaoke together!

And yeah, I STILL sing "she seems to have that physical attraction." Once in a while I remember and get it right... but not often.

meg said...

Really enjoying my visit via "Smiles"- I like your style & perspective :-)

Stevyn Colgan said...

Diane - Thanks for asking me to come visit this post. Great fun. Truly you are Lady Mondegreen and your daughter will inherit the tiara. x