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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Believe...

It's Writer's Workshop time! Kathy, over at 'Mama's Losin' It', gave several writing prompts this week, as usual. I chose, "I Believe..." (though I couldn't keep it to 10... I'm mouthy... sue me).

~ I believe in The Golden Rule.
~ I believe in living by example and that “do as I say, not as I do” is so not cool.
~ I believe in tolerance over faith because, in the end, no matter what we each believe, not a one of us really knows for sure.
~ I believe in ice cream for dinner… once in a while.
~ I believe a society has an obligation to care, and care well, for its members who can’t care for themselves, but not those who won’t.

~ I believe in getting 90-minute massages as often as I can afford them.
~ I believe I’m better now than I was at 30 and I believe I’ll be better at 50 than I am now.
~ I believe in being a parent, not a friend, and that sometimes, “Because I said so!” is answer enough.
~ I believe that credit cards are the work of the devil.
~ I believe that education is not an indicator of intelligence and that the best lessons often come from the unlikeliest teachers.

~ I believe you have to risk your heart and be willing to be hurt in order to find real love.
~ I believe it’s OK to want a man… but not to need one.
~ I believe it’s perfectly fine to do all your laundry in one load, to ‘iron’ in the dryer, and hem with scotch tape.
~ I believe we have a moral and ethical obligation to protect and preserve the environment and that convenience, ‘progress’, money, or oil aren’t good reasons for destroying it.
~ I believe travel is the best way to open oneself up to the amazing and wonderful diversity in our world.

~ I believe life is too short for toxic people, bad wine, bad sex, and for harboring anger, grudges, or regret.
~ I believe a sense of humor, a great smile, and an open-mind are way sexier than 6-pack abs.
~ I believe in karma, in magic, in ghosts, and in all manner of things I can’t see or explain.
~ I believe in the power of love and hope and positive thinking.
~ I believe completely that the best is yet to come.


Ronda's Rants said...

I believe you are right!!!
What a great post and since I am getting's a great thought for me to end my night with...Thank you, Diane!!

jill jill bo bill said...

Thank you for the well wishes for my birthday! Your blog is great and I hope to get to know you better. It's still hard after ten years?! AAAAARGH!

Lee said...

Great list. Not so keen on wanting a man, you understand, and ghosts are totally beyond my ken. But that's Ok.

Protege said...

What a beautiful post! I love particular the last statement as that is what I believe at all times (and will ALWAYS believe).

Weeksie50 said...

What a fun list..
Thanks for sharing..
and I believe many of the
same things..

Todd said...

Just realised I never leave commments here so you may think I don't read it.

I do.

Several times a week.

Its on my Favourites.

Just so you know.

Solei said...

lots of your beliefs made me laugh, but in a good way!
you're a funny gal!

Solei said...

and I don't know why it seems ok for me to TYPE "gal" when I don't use it in real life vocabulary... not sure! but i find myself doing that a lot!

Heinous said...

I love this. I never do this stuff n my blog. Maybe I should. It's great way to get to know someone.

P.S. There's such a thing as 'bad sex?' I just thought mediocre was the worst you could hit.

Diane said...

Ronda... you're welcome! Hope you slept well :)

Jill... yes, 10 years and it's still hard... better, but hard.

Lee... whew!

Zuz... alike, as usual :)

Weeksie... thanks!

T... I know... xo

Solei... I'll take 'funny gal' ;)

Heinous... you're right, we can't be the same person, because if you were a woman, you would know that bad sex is COMPLETELY possible! You guys usually reach... ummmm... successful conclusions (and then you fall asleep). We girls aren't always so lucky... sigh.

hautepocket said...

Diane I love this! Everything you said is so great. I made a resolution last night while lying awake unable to sleep, to make a big effort to notice the beauty in the smaller things in life, and this post really kicked things off to a good start. Thank you!

(And I literally laughed out loud at the hemming with scotch tape comment. Although, I prefer safety pins...they generally hold a bit better. :))

Diane said...

HP... thanks! I'm glad you liked it :). Oh, and I agree that safety pins hold better (staples work, too), but when I use them, you can see the pins and it ruins the line (did I just sound like a fashion designer there? Ha... I buy my pants at Target). I'm simply an inept pin-hemmer. Sigh.

Shanna said...

This list is amazing!
Ice cream for dinner, tolerance over faith & because I said so are my favorites :) Thanks for sharing this today, what a great set of reminders!

sj said...

i LOVED this list... really.

this may have been my favorite:
~ I believe life is too short for toxic people, bad wine, bad sex, and for harboring anger, grudges, or regret.

but i'm not sure because there were so many lines that i agreed with: 90 minute massages! ice cream for dinner! yay!

loved it!

thanks for stopping by my blog.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Well Amen to THAT!! I love the list!! I love that you didn't stick to ten and you're right, sometimes "because I said so" is absolutely necessary!!

Emily said...

"Because I said so" - now that's what I'm talking about!

Heinous said...

My mistake then. I always go with 'ladies first.'

Diane said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you ;)

Lex the mom said...

So many great things are on this list! Fabulous & I really, really like you. It's amazing what a person can garner from a simple list of things you believe.

Thanks so much for this list! It's awesome!

hebba said...

I love when I come across a blog and say "Wow, I could totally hang out with this person!" Your list of beliefs made me say that. I'll totally be hanging out at your blog a lot more.