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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Do It... Damn It!

Dear Nike,

First, let me start by saying that your shoes, in general, rock. I love them. Other than a brief fling with Saucony a few years ago, you have always been my top choice in athletic footwear. Love you. Love your slogan, too... "Just Do It!" Brilliant. Seriously, in my opinion, the best slogan out there (do any of the other shoe people even have slogans? Dunno). Anyway, as I say, you rock.

However... I have a tiny bone to pick with you. About 6 months ago, I found the best pair of Nikes E.V.E.R. I mean it. They were the most awesome shoes on the planet. When I put them on, I felt like I'd come home. My feet were so happy. I didn't even need to break them in. Fab.U.Lous. They were even OK in the looks department. I tend to steer away from white shoes (I don't like to be blinded when I look down at my feet) and these were steel grey. Nice. OK, so the fuschia swoosh was not my first choice, but it was understated (if fuschia can be understated). So, I was a happy camper and for the last 6 months I have worn the HELL out of these shoes. Literally. They wore out. Who knew that could happen? Not me. But it seems if you actually EXERCISE in them regularly, they have to eventually be replaced! And that's what happened. A couple of weeks ago I started getting blisters and raw spots on my heel and little toe... ouch. I investigated and yup, the time had come (sniff) to seek out replacement Heaven.

So I marched my butt back to the shoe store last night, expecting (well, hoping anyway) to find the very same shoes as the ones I was retiring. I went straight to the Nike section and there they were! Sort of. They looked basically the same, but something was different... the toe was sort of squared and strangely turned up. See, my shoes were the 'V' series and the new ones are the 'VI' series. You tweaked them in order to add a Roman numeral. You tweaked perfection, Nike, and I'm not happy about it. I put them on, though, thinking they might FEEL the same, even if they didn't quite look it. They were OK but not quite Heaven. And when my daughter looked at them, she said, "You look like Aladdin. Or a Christmas elf." And I did! It was the damned turned-up toe! Why, Nike?! Why?! I'm generally a function over form girl but come on! Aladdin?! A Christmas Elf?! I don't think so.

I tried on few more pairs... one was silver and made me look like Buck Rogers. All I needed was the white jumpsuit. Even my daughter said they were too sparkly (and when something's TOO sparkly for HER... geez-us!). Another pair was so white, I needed my sunglasses to look at them. I finally settled on brown ones with a blue swoosh. Not bad. Pretty comfy (but not Heaven, Nike. Not Heaven). And my daughter says I now need new workout clothes, as all my sweats are black or grey and won't match. Great. Thanks for that.

Anyway, Nike, what I'm getting at (in my rather long-winded way) is that I just want you to stop tweaking! Just leave well enough alone! Make a pair of shoes and LEAVE THEM BE. Everything on the planet doesn't have to be 'new and improved'! Some things are just FINE the way they are. Some things are HEAVEN. And while you're at the whole no tweaking thing, just go ahead bring back my 'V' series, steel grey, fuschia swoosh running shoes, will you? Seriously. Just do it. Damn it.




joshlos said...

Diane... thank you for posting this! See, I couldn't agree with you more.

I have two pairs of Nike shoes I absolutely love, but are kinda old and worn out. One pair -- this indoor multi-sport training shoe -- is 11 years old and the other -- these slip-ons everyone else has ripped off but aren't anywhere as awesome as Nike's (which I'm not sure Nike even makes anymore) -- are about six years old. I'd love to get these very same shoes over again, but new.

Mel said...

I was on the way to the gym one night and I just didn't want to go. I was talking myself into it by saying "Just do it! Just do it! Just do it! You'll feel much better if you just do it!" Suddenly I realized that's where Nike got their slogan from. Even if it's not, it made me feel better to think some athletic-type person had to use the same mantra as I did to get motivated.

And new isn't alway improved. Roman numeral or no. So agree with you there!

Blarney said...

I loothe shoe shopping period.

Col said...

I have had a pair of Nike running shoes for 8 years. They look awesome. They are nowhere near wearing out - a testament to my lack of running rather than the quality of them, I have to say!
I have digested all the comments above and figure that I should not exercise inorder to preserve my "Just Do It's" as long as possible. Hmmm...I am wondering if Nike realise that by tweaking they actually disuade people from exercising?

Protege said...

I have to admit that I rarely wear running shoes. Only when I run. And that I do every morning. I have had my "MaxAir" blue grey Nikes for 3 yeas now and they have not budged. Either I do not run often enough, or this one was a Nike's good design.;)

hautepocket said...

Isn't it the worst when you find an item you love, and they have the audacity to discontinue it? Haters!

Blarney said...

You've been tagged. Check with me Thursday. ;)

Hazel Designs said...

I agree - perfection should not be messed with!