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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hi, Hiatus...

William Penn once said, "Time is what we want most, but... what we use worst." I'm pretty sure he was thinking of me when he said it. I've never been a good at time management. Ever. And, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm not terribly self-motivated. I'm also easily distracted. I have the attention span of a 3-year-old.

Poor time management skills, lack of motivation, and self-proclaimed ADD do not bode well for someone who works from home. Which I do. Don't get me wrong... I get done what needs doing... but usually at the last minute, when the deadline has just whooshed past me, much like the water which poured from my basement ceiling recently.

In addition to the multitude of personal faults I've just disclosed, I have a somewhat addictive personality. My addiction of late has been electronic... email (well, I've been addicted to that since about 1999), IMing, and blogging. I love all of them... they're amazing forms of communication and they keep me connected to the most wonderful people (including all of you). But lately, my addictions are getting a bit out of control...

Blogging takes up so much time, as many of you know. If I'm not thinking of something to write about (which hasn't been an easy task of late), or writing what I've been thinking about, I'm reading other blogs. Many other blogs. Many, many other blogs. I love them all, which is why I read them (duh) but they are all I'm reading. Between blogging, keeping up with personal email, and IM chats with friends far away (every single evening), I seem to have forgotten I have other things to do... things I like (reading actual books, for example)... things I have to do (like work... and laundry... you should see what Ryan had to wear to school today!). It's not good.

I've also been battling these horrible winter blahs. Most years, once December is over I'm OK. But this year has been harder for me. Maybe because it's been so cold... I don't know. But I've settled into a routine that isn't good for me. I've developed some very slug-like patterns this winter that aren't healthy and have become all-consuming. So I have to make a couple of changes... shake things up a bit... get myself out of the rut (pit, really) I've fallen into... stomp on these doldrums. I need to step back, take a deep breath, get off my ass, get productive, and do something new for a little while.

As such, I'm unplugging for about 10 days - from this weekend through next weekend. Other than work, I'll be off the computer completely and on my way to a fresh, new perspective. I'm sure I'll go through withdrawals, but it's something I have to do. I'm going to miss all of you terribly... and I really hope you'll miss me, too, so that you'll still be here when I come back!!

Take care... speak soon... XOXO


mo.stoneskin said...

Hope it works!

I have found that the only way I can survive is to structure my day, i.e. I rule the day, not the blogs rule my day.

I started off writing for a couple of sites, plus blogging, and quickly found that my inbox was so full it was stupid, and it was driving me mad.

The only way I cope is, say, allotting specific lunch breaks or periods of my day to this stuff, and staying away from it the rest of the time.

Kinda works. Thing is, I get emails to my phone so that has put a spanner in the whole thing!

Tabitha in Bliss said...

Do whatever you have to do Diane. We'll be here when you return. :)

Heather said...

You could have been describing me in the first couple paragraphs.. oh we are so alike. Except I don't know if I'd be motivated enough to work from home. Some days I'm barely motivated to work from the office.
I hope your hiatus works. I will miss you terribly - your words of wisom, vibrant humor and deep introspection... I might go through withdrawals, too.
You better get back online before I leave to come up your way. We'll need to exchange phone numbers so we can meet up for our several pints of beer.
Unwind, refocus and come back soon.
Much love,
Your bloggy lil sis. :)

Jenners said...

Totally understand. Will totally be here when you get back. It is very easy to let this blogging get out of control and take up too much time. Taking time away for the other good things in life is critical and necessary. I've been struggling with the same issues -- and been getting more ruthless about what I do and don't do with blogging -- I still have a way to go but I'll get the balance. So enjoy! Get refreshed -- I'll miss you but I see you on the flip side.

Protege said...

Diane, it is as if you were reading my thoughts and my mind. These are my sentiments exactly; everything from being addicted, being in dumps and being disorganized and out of time.
I have been contemplating a break too; but unfortunately I am not strong enough to actually go through with it.:P
So all I opted for was a break from emailing.
Well, enjoy your hiatus and I am sure I am not alone when I say; we will all miss you.;))

blognut said...

I hear ya', Diane. I could've written this post myself, and I actually think I did write it in my journal. I'm thinking of a structured posting schedule of 3-4 times/week and limiting my daily blog reading time too. I've all but given up sleep to keep up with everything that must be done so I can still spend all this time with the e-world.

My other downfall is my cell phone because I get work email, 2 personal email boxes, facebook, text, IM, and all the internet I can stand on the damn phone. I'm catching up with the world before I even get vertical in the morning. I don't even use it to talk; I use it like a tiny, little laptop. I must be stopped!

Anyway, long story even longer, I'll be here when you get back and I'll miss you while you're gone.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Diane, find peace, find balance, find some space to just be you... And we will be here to hear you when you get back... (I'm holding back the sobs, can you tell?!)

Anytime you want please do come back, and however frequently or infrequently you want to post then, we will be here for you, keeping your seat warm.

Sending you love and hugs... Your 'twinnie', Fhi x

blueviolet said...

I totally relate to this and to be honest, if I stepped away from the blog world for long, I don't think I'd ever come back. I have some other hobbies that I sincerely miss and everything suffers due to blogging. I stink at time management also. I more than stink. I suck.

You take all the time you need. You're doing the right thing and I wouldn't be surprised if I do the same thing. Hopefully soon.

Michelle said...

Diane when i first read this i panicked.....because i will miss you so much!!!

But then i realized you are doing the right thing. The good thing. The best thing.

It seems that most of us have similar qualities when it comes to blogging and reading blogs and emails. We can't get enough.

I may do something similar to what your doing. Not yet but soon!!!

I am here when you return pretty lady!!!

Sometimes Sophia said...

A little vacation from blogging is a good thing. This past week I haven't missed posting a bit and have only checked with my closest blogging buddies every few days.

This addictive activity is so time consuming, it's good to step back, and although difficult, limit the daily dose of posting and commenting. We love reading about your thoughts and emotions and responses to our same, but we can all relate to the need to prune/weed/train/reseed our electronic gardens.

Be well and enjoy... find some sun somewhere, preferably without wifi... ;)

We'll be here when you return.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Enjoy your break! :)
I can't imagine how I'd be if my phone was capable of getting blogs etc... at least at the moment I can leave the house to disconnect.

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Will miss you bunches, but hope Ryan doesn't have to decide between the mismatched outfit from 2nd grade and dirty laundry again. :-)

Jane! said...

Good luck, Chica!
You've described me to a tee - but I know better than to work for myself. Ha!
That's also why I refuse to start IM. I know where it would lead.
Enjoy the break!

Greenfingers said...

Have a good holiday Diane! I know exactly how you feel though, sometimes you just have to step away from the screen and get outside...even if it is freezing! When ever I do blog these days I spend so much time reading other peoples words, and like you, I must get back to a real book soon before I forget what paper feels like!!

Mel said...

Wait, what? I can still call you if I need you, right? RIGHT?? Diane?

Shanna said...

Gah! I'll miss you! Don't come back then desert me kay?
Have a happy 10 days and I totally understand...!

sherri said...

What happens to the people when the DICTATOR steps aside?

WHat will we do?

WHo will lead us?

No pressure...I know how you feel. I'm in the middle of this same situation right now. Trying to figure out the best plan.

Big AL and I will miss you- but we'll pick up where we left off when you return!

Moomby said...


okay, fine. you're right. have fun!

I'll miss you!

Lee said...

Rest. Recuperate. Return.

Lisa said...

good for you- i do it every seix months or so- it keeps us sane. xxx