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Friday, May 22, 2009

Holiday? What Holiday?

It's the weekend! Whoo hoo! I bet you knew that, though. It's a holiday weekend, too! Did you know that? I actually didn't... not until a couple of days ago. I thought Memorial Day was still a week away! Oops. It's a good thing I found out or I expect Ryan would have been rather peeved with me on Monday morning, after I rush her out the door, only to drive a half-hour to find the school carpool lane empty. Yeah. Wouldn't be the first time. I really should get a calendar, eh?

So, this week is ending up nicely. It's GORGEOUS out there and it's supposed to remain so all weekend. I'm hanging out with the Republican tomorrow, as he ships out to locations under siege next week. We're going to enjoy the weather and his last weekend in a place not inhabited by camels, soldiers, and machine guns. At least he's looking forward to going. Weird? Yes. But he's a Republican, remember? They think weird stuff all the time ;).

Anyway, not much else on the agenda for the weekend. I guess Ryan and I will be gearing up for swim team practice, which starts soon. We had our organizational meeting the other night and I got all warm and fuzzy when parents and kids alike came up to tell me how glad they are that I'm working with the little ones again. I do love those little sinkers and they love me, too, which makes those chilly evenings in the pool (and being in my bathing suit in front of, like, a million people every night) worthwhile.

Camping may be on the schedule for next weekend. I had planned to go Memorial Weekend... you know... next weekend... anyway. The lake will be open for swimming and kayaking, too, so that makes it even better. Yup... sounds like a possible plan, so I'll need to get the tent aired out and waterproofed.

Hope your weekend looks lovely, no matter where you are (and even if it's not a holiday for you... either!). Have a great one, my bloggy peeps! XOXO


Protege said...

Have a lovely holiday weekend Diane, glad that you get to enjoy gorgeous weather, here we are expecting a bit of everything, except snow.;))

Protege said...

Ha, I was first this time.;))

She said...

Oh I KNEW it was a holiday. Been counting down! Whew!

Was at school until after 8 pm last night for Open House, so I'm ready for the holiday -- oh, so ready!

Have a good one!

And calendars may be overrated, except in the case of marking holidays! Everything else is a bit mundane, in my book!

mo.stoneskin said...

I'll bet the Republican has a calendar.

sherri said...

Enjoy your sunshine and that weird thinkin' Republican!

Tell him a fellow Republican will say a prayer for him while he's hangin' with the camels and such.

(Of course, he already knows that since we're both in the secret society)


boneman said...

I live about 45 miles North of the Indianapolis 500 Track...we get the Memorial shoved down our throats all month long. Actually, a little longer.

None the less, if the panda bear shares his pool and toy with you, you're a happy camper, eh?

The Republican? Camels? Soldiers? Guns? Oh...he's going to Guantanimo? Tell him to take some Kools and Marlboros, too.

Heather said...

Sounds like you have a fantastic weekend planned out. Enjoy!!

Michelle said...



blognut said...

Ha! The 'clueless about the holiday' thing seeped over from your half of the brain and it snuck up on me, too. I'm kinda happy about that, though. It's like an added bonus - an extra day off that I hadn't planned. Woo hoo! I'm happy, happy, happy!

Have an awesome weekend. ;)


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I love this fabulous summer weather!! We've been outside everyday this week and it just feels good.

Greenfingers said...

I do a silly dance for no rain Diane! Enjoy your long weekend to.

Jenners said...

In the interest of efficiency, I have to say the panda on the seesaw did make me giggle. Thanks!

And I keep forgetting it is Memorial Day too!! This is just like when they made Easter too early and switched Daylight Savings Time!! Just leave the holidays alone and put them when I expect them. Enjoy the 3 days ... and the Republican!

Chris @ Maugeritaville said...

A surprise three0day weekend is kinda like finding a twenty in your winter coat that you didn't know was there.

Enjoy it, Di!


Lisa said...

have a great weekend sweetums !

dianne said...

Have a great weekend dear Diane. ♡

Pauline said...

tents, soldiers, republicans - what next?

hautepocket said...

I had no idea it was Memorial Day weekend until...2 hours ago. Ahem.

hautepocket said...

P.S. Have a great weekend, camping or not. :)

Jean said...

I have a friend who volunteered for a second tour to Afghanistan. He leaves in a few weeks.

Here, we're hoping for a break in the rain for the weekend.
Enjoy yours!