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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awards and Interesting Things...

The lovely Debbie over at SINGLE Mom in a Complicated World gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award the other day! I do love me some awards, so thank you, sweetness! I love Debbie’s blog and the way she writes, and from one single mom in a complicated world to another, I think you’re doing an amazing job with your kids and your life, Deb!!!

The conditions of the award stipulate that I have to tell you seven interesting things about me. Well, crap. I’ve done this sort of post a bunch of times before and I think I’ve just about exhausted my supply of ‘Interesting Things’. I’ll dig deep, though, and see if I can simply come up with 'Seven Things I Haven't Told You Guys Before' (and ‘interesting’ is relative, isn’t it? I’m just going to hope you don’t fall asleep).

1. When I was in my early 20’s, I had a dream about a former boyfriend dying in a car accident. It was so real and so frightening that I called him at 4:00 in the morning to make sure he was OK. He was (though he was not happy at being yanked from a sound sleep by a nearly-hysterical ex-girlfriend). Less than a week later, though, it was my turn to be roused from sleep by the telephone. He was calling to tell me he had just narrowly avoided an accident and had my dream not been on his mind, causing him to slow down on a mountain road on which he normally drove like a maniac, he likely would have been killed. It was the only time anything like that ever happened to me.

2. I still have dreams about being in school and showing up for a class I haven’t been to all semester, only to find out there’s a test that day and I know absolutely nothing on it. I also have one, fairly regularly, where I’m sitting on the toilet in a big room and people are just walking in and out. I’m stuck there, as I won’t... ahem... finish... or stand up ‘til the room’s empty and it never empties out. I know… I need therapy.

3. I learned to say ‘I love you’ when I got my first dog. My family is not terribly demonstrative in the affection department (unless you count teasing, sarcasm, and ridicule as affection… which we do) and I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve heard ‘I love you’ from my parents, my siblings, or my aunts and uncles. But when I got my first dog (when I was 10), the words just rolled off my tongue. I can say it easily now (if I feel it, of course) to the people who have entered my life since I became an adult, but it’s still very, very difficult for me to say to almost anyone in my family.

4. When I was little, my aunt told me that if you use the toilet on a plane and the plane hits an air pocket at the same time, you’ll be vacuum-sealed to the toilet (remember what I said about teasing and ridicule?). Well, I believed her and it wasn’t until, oh, last year or so that I finally broke down and peed mid-flight.

5. I’ve suffered bouts of occasional insomnia since I was young. The longest I ever went without sleep, years and years ago, was 3 days. When I finally fell asleep, I was lying on the couch watching a movie, with my head on my friend Ron’s lap. He was so worried that I’d wake up if he moved, he stayed completely still and slept in an upright position for seven hours. I’ve always had the best friends.

6. I once got drunk and fell out of a raised first-floor window. I didn’t break anything but I fell in a sticker bush and received about 10,000 punctures and a case of blood poisoning.

7. About two weeks after my dad died, when we were all back home for Christmas, I heard him call my mother’s name. It was in the afternoon, I was wide awake, and there was a lot of chatter in the house. I got up to let the dog in and when I opened the door, I heard my dad call out, “Hey Cathie!” as plain as day, just like he would do when she didn’t hear him (or was ignoring him). I honestly believe it was him and not my imagination. It never happened again, though I wished for it often. But when she was between the ages of 2 and 3, Ryan told me several times about a man in a yellow shirt who would come visit her in her (second-floor) bedroom at night with a little black dog (who looked sort of like our cocker spaniel). My dad always wore an old yellow chamois shirt when he was puttering around the house and our old family dog, who died years before he did, was a black spaniel-mix. Weird, huh?

OK, I'm supposed to tag seven of you but I'm going to break the rules and simply tag anyone who wants to do this! XOXO


sherri said...

Yes, Diane you may need a bit of therapy! Or just a good dream analyzer. (I have the recurring dream that I show up for school NAKED!)What's that all about? I fly often in my dreams too, but I'm not on a plane!
Maybe we could both use the same therapist and split the bill!

Protege said...

An absolutely great red; I enjoyed every little tidbit about you and it has never been more interesting than this.
You know, I have identical dreams (with slight modifications) to the ones you list in your #2.:P:P
And I believe your 1 and 7 to be absolutely significant and true.;))
Have a great afternoon, dear friend.;))

mo.stoneskin said...

Vacuum-sealed may be far-fetched but I inagine that if you hit an air-pocket while using the toilet it could be very unpleasant. Always be prepared - that's why I always jump up and down while weeing, it may not exactly replicate the air-pocket situation but at least it means I would stand more of a chance.

Sam_I_am said...

I saw my grandfather after he died (I was 5). I came out of the bathroom at my grandma's house and he was laying on his bed in his room and said "Baby, can you get me a drink of water." I went and told Grandma, "Pappy wants a drink of water." and she said "Pappy gone, Baby." I can still remember that. Sometimes my adult mind tells me that I was dreaming, but I don't know.

The Romantic Seul said...

I 'day'-dreamed about an ex-boyfriend getting in an accident, but it wasn't real enough or scary enough to call him. He got in an accident around that time, but he made it.
And I DID show up to a class that I hadn't been to in months, on test day. It wasn't a big deal. If it had been, I'd have showed up before then.

Debbie said...

I love that these are the things you had to dig for as you had already shared so many interesting things!!:) who has that MANY interesting things happen to them????? ;) loved the post!!

blognut said...

I hate those dreams where I'm on the toilet and everyone else is just trying to go about their business while I'm busy trying to go about mine.

What does that mean?

And I don't think therapy is going to help with this particular dream because God knows I've been in therapy for a couple of years and I'm still getting that dream every now and again. I just don't tell people about that dream because it's kinda weird.

Oh, crap! I just told people about it, didn't I?

HLiza said...

Wow you have good memory of all your dreams! I hardly dream since I sleep like a dead person. Only one dream I still remember: an image of a man waiting for me inside a mosquito net on a bed..that man looked like the guy who now is my husband. Guess I chose him because I remembered that dream.

Sometimes Sophia said...

Toilet dreams... I think we all have them, but few are willing to own up to them. You're a brave woman, Diane. Talk about deep seated anxiety...

Also Ryan's account of seeing her grandfather. Amazing, and very believeable. Maybe she needed a guardian angel, and he was there to look out for her. Weird.

Mel said...

I totally forgot about the man in the yellow shirt!

She said...

Wow! I love that you are so intuitive and tuned in!

You are soooooo interesting, my dear!


And what's up with your mail system! Geez! It's some kind of slow!!!

disa said...


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