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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Mish-Mash...

Did everyone have a good weekend? If your weather there was anything like here, I'm betting you did... we're back in the 70's. In November. Pfffftttt. It was pretty, though, and good car-washing weather. Since my car hadn't been washed since, oh, last November or so, I figured it was time. Have I mentioned that I hate washing the car? Oh. Right. The whole 'last November' thing probably gave it away, eh? The inside was worse than the outside, though (and that's saying something!). Every week I drive one or two of our little GoGirlGo! girls home and I'm actually embarrassed to let them in the car. It's that bad. And? The thing that embarrasses Ryan even more than the dirt? My glove box hasn't closed in, like, 3 months. The little clip thingy that holds the door shut broke off and fell down inside the dash... which is all one piece... which means that in order to fix it, they have to take the entire dashboard out... which means it will cost a ridiculous amount... which I totally don't have... so it's been wide open for a while now. I told Ryan I could close it with duct tape and she nearly passed out (there is no point at all in having a child if you can't torture her once in a while). So I finally got some putty at Lowe's and stuffed it in the hole, then mashed the glove box shut and held it there for a bit. Voila! The 'airplane meal tray' has now been stowed. Am I smart or what? Yeah, I know... 'or what'. Shut it.

Speaking of our GoGirlGo! girls (who are wonderful, by the way)... the Pigsknuckle Gazette did a great story on us and it came out this weekend, complete with photos. We were so excited! If anyone wants to read it, email me (my address is on my profile page. I'm not going to post the link here, as I don't want to give the whole Internet free access to, well, Pigsknuckle. It's my little corner of Heaven, damn it. But I'll share it with you, my bloggy peeps).

What else? Oh, I got bitten by some sort of large insect-like creature. Well, that's the best I can figure. Either that, or a vampire. The bite (complete with fang marks) is on my collar bone, followed downward by a line of smaller, mosquito-like bites (sans fang marks). All of them are swollen and itch like crazy! My best guess is that it was a spider or one of those weird, alien, spider-cum-cricket bugs. I dunno. And I'm figuring I must have been asleep when it happened, as I'm reasonably certain I'd have noticed a bug that close to my face if I was awake. I sure as hell hope so, anyway. I don't feel bad, nor have I had any seizures or lost the feeling on my left side, so I'm figuring the swelling and itching will go away eventually. Right?

Any more? Yes! I added running to my work-out this weekend. I realized I have to run a 5K on New Year's Eve with our GoGirlGo! group and I'm not ready. So, off I go. Yay me! Except? I walk faster. Seriously. So do the old ladies at the park who lapped me. Twice. But I did it. And I felt great! When I came to. I'm doing interval training, so I run some, walk some, run some, etc. Sundance can even keep up. Of course, that may change when we're actually running more than we're walking.

Last thing... I finally broke down and set-up a Facebook page. This morning, Blognut posted something gross about wanting to lick the centers out of all the Oreos and putting the chocolate cookies back (I know! Do not let that fuzzy blue demon near your Oreos!). So all day I've been singing:

Do you know exactly how to eat an Oreo?
Well, to do it, you unscrew it. Very fast!
'Cause a kid'll eat the middle of an Oreo first
And leave the chocolate cookie outsides for last!

It's driving me up a friggin' wall.

And as Porky says, that's all folks! Hope your weekend was fabulous and your Monday, even better! XO


lakeviewer said...

Love that Oreo song of yours. You fixed the glove compartment without any tools. Yeah!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'd love to read the article, but I'm not sure I have your email address. Also, beiog British, I've never heard the Oreo song, so I may have to YouTube it, but I've a feeling I may regret doing that!

blognut said...

Heh. I don't know what era your Oreo song is from, dear. Mine is the one that goes:

O-O-O Who's that kid with the OREO cookie?
Dunkin' all the luscious chocolate
Lovin' every little bit
It's hard to hid the kid inside
When you're crunchin' O-R-E-O.

There's more. Let me know if you want to hear it. It could be tomorrow's jingle! :)

Diane said...

You are a mean, mean fuzzy blue creature. Mean. If I'm singing that one all night, I'm going to pay one of your children to place the phone by year ear while you sleep and I'm going to sing my versions of Delta Dawn, Seasons in the Sun, and Billy Don't Be a Hero in your ear 'til you wake up screaming.

blognut said...

That almost implies that you would pick up a phone, and we all know that is NOT going to happen. :)

Shanna said...

So you DID give us a teeny tiny peek into what you've been doing with GGG! I am SO proud of you!
I found a cool site ( that looks like it could be a lot of fun. If you take a look at it and sign up, let me know and we can friend each other. You keep track of running/workouts that you've done and see the progress of your friends. Or random strangers. Or both. Since you signed up for FB (I'm there too but sort have gone MIA for a while) you can set up Daily Mile to post to your FB wall whenever you add a new workout. Cool huh? No? I think you'd like it ;)
Can't wait to see the article!!

sherri said...

I broke down and opened a FB account too.

And my car is always a mess.
And I love Oreos, but I don't want to run anywhere with you. I'd pee my pants. Sorry, TMI, I know.

Knucklehead said...

You should not talk about Oreos unless you have brought enough Oreos to share with everyone.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Good car wash weather? Now there's a concept I have yet to get my mind around.

Protege said...

I have not washed my car for ages. It was dirty that finally the neighbour washed it for me. That is awful!:P

Maybe you should go and get that bite checked if the swelling doesn't go away.;) And I am so checking up on that facebook page of yours then.;) I have not done much with mine either.;)

Have a great day Diane.;)

Kati said...

Oreos are dead to me. Thanks for reminding me though. Sniff, sniff.

She said...

How many points if you just eat the middle? :-)

And I've packed the thing you need to bug Blognut with. I'll put in mail shortly!


Jenners said...

Oreos ... yum!

Guinhyvar said...

Good for you for the running thing! I too aspire to do... that... someday.

And, I love Oreos. No worries, though, about some random nut getting near mine... I don't share. Unless I really like you. Then you can have one. Which would explain a lot about my figure...

Alright. Rambling on your comments section... done! Over and out.

*ps, if you have a Facebook, whatever you do, don't play Farmville. Seriously. Time suck! I love it!*

Lee said...

Well, thank you for the oreo song.

If I can't sleep for it, I'll blame you.

Sometimes Sophia said...

Facebook. Another time drain. I check mine every few weeks.

Sad. I know.

Double Stuff Oreos, the only way to go...