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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where Have All the Flowers... er... Bloggers Gone?

I've just had a romp around Bloggyland, to see how many of my old friends are still out and about. There are a few (yay!) and I poked around to have a catch up on their pages, but most have left the big B. Sniff. It made me feel sad. I don't know why I expected people to stick around when I didn't stick around. Mighty double-standard-ish of me, eh? Hoping against hope, I guess. Well, now I'm hoping they are all out there living their wonderful lives, happy and healthy... and I'm hoping they check back in every now and then and find me and think, "Yay! Diane is still out there in Bloggyland!" And I hope I can find some new, as-wonderful bloggy friends this go-round.

I'm betting I can.

After all, Bloggyland is a pretty wonderful place...


Lisa said...

Blogland can be a fleeting ideal for many. The choice of journaling each day, every single day can take its toll for sure.
I have a handful that have lasted with me and none of us feel the need to blog daily as we used to.
Truthfully i feel that blogging is not so hard as actually feeling committed to go around and read/comment on everyone elses blog every day. That can be hard.
Its good to have you back with us Diane. I would love to hear more from you xx Lisa x

Lisa said...

I have just read and caught up with a few of your recent posts.
Poor you.
Its almost incredible how our lives can change in a matter of months. Please know that just outside of Sydney, Australia, there is a 50 y/o woman, still in her PJ's who is thinking of you and sending you all manner of love and support. For Ryan too and yes, she has grown beautifully. You are on my mind, in my heart and will continue to be as far into the future as either of us go x

dianne said...

Many of the bloggers have gone, thankfully a few still visit me.
I have quite a few new followers who have somehow found me so I am sure you will find that new people will find you.
It would be fairly lonely if no-one commented, I am very grateful for the people who visit me.
Thank you for your comment, I am sorry that my prose made you sad. It was a sad piece, I was surprised that anyone commented. In fact after I had posted the prose I was going to delete it, then my friend Marty left a comment so I have left it there.
Thinking of you dear Diane and hoping that you are feeling OK.
Take care
xoxoxo ♡

Lee said...

Mr Newbery drops in and delivers hugs on my behalf!

Pauline said...

How is that rat bastard, Myrtle? I've been catching up on you, too. I'm not home much anymore - 3 days a week watching my grandgirls puts a lovely dent in my sit-down-by-myself time. Wanted you to know though, that I'll be checking in on you. Glad you can write about all that's happening.

Ryan is a lovely young woman!

Sam_I_am said...

I know what you mean! I recently went through and cleaned out my blogs that I follow. Many of them have been gone for years. I sometimes wonder about them. I wondered about you a lot too. :-)

Live More Now said...

Hi lovely - glad to see you are still around in bloggy land. :) My presence has definitely been VERY sporadic over the past few years of transitioning from work to mommy hood, to working while mommy. :)

But it was great to see your name in my comments! And I am looking forward to catching up on YOUR recent posts!

Hugs. xoxo