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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Boy From 30 Years Ago

Once upon a time (nearly 30 years ago), a girl met a boy.

She was the sort who embraced convention, while secretly longing to step out of the box. He was the sort who quietly kicked the box aside and did his own thing. She liked him. A lot. He liked her. A lot. They spent time together. A lot of time.

Eventually they turned awkward flirting (which consisted mainly of her messing up his carefully spiked hair and him pretending to be annoyed by it) into a sweet romance. With kissing. A lot of kissing.

Over time, their feelings for one another deepened. The flirting and the romance turned into love.

First love.

But neither the girl nor the boy was very good at actually saying how they felt. Or understanding how they felt. They were young. Their hearts were both strong and terribly fragile at once… their egos and confidence even more fragile than their hearts.

But still, they loved each other.

Until the girl made a mistake. A terrible mistake. Her ego got too big and too loud and it couldn’t hear what the boy's heart was saying... or what her own heart was saying.

And she broke them.

She broke their love. She damaged it beyond repair. And when she tried to fix it, she couldn’t. The boy was hurt and sad and angry and proud… and he pushed her away.

And it was over.

They were over.

She didn’t know it, but he still thought of her.

He didn’t know it, but she still thought of him.

But it was over.

And they went on with their lives. They fell in love again, with other people. They lived -- in new places, with spouses and children, with happiness and hurt, with endings and new beginnings.

And every now and then, they thought of one another.

Then? A long time later, they reconnected through the magic of the Interwebs.

The girl was so happy to find out that the boy’s life was good. She was thrilled to see he’d achieved the happiness he so deserved. And they traveled down Memory Lane and laughed about old times.

Then they went their separate ways again, this time knowing there was a thread tying them together… and this thread had always been there, even if they hadn’t known it... and this thread would always be there.
And there was great comfort in knowing it was there.

And then? Something happened to the girl and she needed support… and the boy was there, the thread pulling them back together. His words soothed her spirit and made her forget, if even for a moment, that anything was wrong. He made her remember why she’d loved him so many years ago…
And he made her love him all over again.

But this love? This love is different...

With this love, there is no ego… no awkwardness…

There is no romance... no flirting...

With this love, there is just heart.

Just friendship.

And the knowledge that time can make whole what was once broken.


dianne said...

That is so beautiful Diane and I am thinking it is a true story perhaps about you. I am so pleased that they reconnected, friendship is a very strong bond and 'heart' is the strongest bond of all.
Love and hugs
xoxoxo ♡

Anonymous said...

I will very unashamedly admit that the boy from 30 years ago read this, then quietly slipped out into the crisp, star-filled night and wept. Not in sadness, but in the beauty of the words written, and the beauty of the writer.

We were young. It was a magical time of discovering new freedoms, forging new friendships and opening one's mind to new ideas. And we found each other and found love. Much is the pity that this same impetuousness of youth would take us in different directions, always in the land of 'if only'.

You were my first genuine and true love, and as such have a piece of my heart that is forever yours. That is a link that cannot be broken. It's a very great and special thing I think.

It's why I knew and know you'll be okay. We have a little piece of each other in the recesses of our hearts that will forever keep us linked. It tells me that you will be fine. And I'm always a message away.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - suppose I let the cat out of the bag that the story is true, and is indeed about you. Ah well, truth is always better than fiction. Or is that stranger...?

Diane said...

We're both big, weepy, sappy saps :). Thank you for that, darlin'. It means more than you can ever imagine. XOXO

LindaB said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. Beautiful in spirit as well as beautifully written. You certainly have a gift. Best wishes to you and yours.

injaynesworld said...

What a lovely piece of writing, Diane, and knowing it is true it is just all that much more powerful. You are very fortunate as is your longtime love to still have that connection. Ironically, today I wrote a piece about unrequited love.

Mom of Esquared said...

I Love this story, I know its true because Its my story, partly. I have not reconnected completely with my Love, through the interwebs I know where he is and I'm in touch with his parents, but he has his life and I have mine but I know that we have a connection that will always be there,because that is what 1st love is all about. Thank you for sharing.
BTW I'm a sap too for I also wept.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Blessings to you for sharing an experience many of us can probably relate to in life!

amanda mccool said...


Sometimes Sophia said...

A lovely story and believable. Hope it's happened to you.