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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

And Warm Woolen Mittens...

Yesterday's post was a bit sad... and I was a bit sad... so today I'm going to change it up with one of my Favorite Things lists. I think this is the fourth (Raindrops on Roses... Whiskers on Kittens... Bright Copper Kettles... And Warm Woolen Mittens)... yup, it's number four. Clearly there are a lot of things that make me happy (nothing wrong with that)!

And here they are... in no particular order...

Getting Together with Friends: As I've mentioned, I have the most wonderful, remarkable group of friends. I'd give almost anything to have them all here in Pigsknuckle with me, so I could see them all on a regular basis. I love introducing people to one another, especially when I'm certain they'll wind up good friends (and I'm not often wrong), and get togethers are the best places to do that.

Massages: I've always said that if I were ever to somehow come into wealth, one of the very few extravagances I'd splurge on would be weekly (daily... hourly?) massages. I believe strongly that we need human touch to be healthy and there is little else that feels better than a full-body massage.

Roller Coasters: Crazy-love 'em! That first hill scares the bejeebies out of me (the way UP, not the way down) but the rest? Pure, unadulterated excitement! Roller coasters make me feel like a kid again and that is almost always good!

Candlelight: It's beautiful... warm, soft, and kind to those of us over 40. What's not to love?

Porches and Porch Swings: When I was young, we lived in an old farmhouse that had a big front porch and a swing. I spent more hours there than I could possibly count, mostly reading, but sometimes just swinging the day away. I even slept out there when it was really hot. One day I'll have a swing again...

Beautiful Dresses: If you were ever to see my 'Pretty Clothes' board on Pinterest, you'd swear I channel Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly when I pin. I love classic dresses and clothes that look like they stepped right out of a black and white movie. I don't wear them, mind you... I just love them!

Soup: I don't really like to cook much but I make the most seriously amazing pots of soup! As soon as the weather turns cool, I start thinking about what sort would taste good. I love to gather whatever ingredients strike my fancy from the produce aisle or the farmer's market. Add a loaf of crusty bread and a glass of red? Heaven.

Cornwall: It's where I want to retire... at Wit's End Cottage at Land's End. Because just look at it, that's why. It's everything I love, all wrapped up into one place.

Stained Glass: I love stained glass... a spectacular stained glass window, glowing bright from the sunlight streaming through? It's take-your-breath away beautiful. Whenever I travel, I always find myself in old churches (I love the architecture), photographing the windows.

Sleep: I cannot describe the joy I feel on Friday and Saturday nights, knowing I can sleep late the next mornings. My bed? One of my truly happy places. And put on fresh dried-in-the-sun sheets? It's my own little piece of Heaven, right in my little room.

Winnie the Pooh: I have loved Pooh Bear ever since I can remember, as one of my very first books (which I still have) was a collection of the A.A. Milne stories. I've always preferred Classic Pooh over Disney Pooh... I call my dog "Silly Old Bear"... the Milne stories are some of my all-time favorites, as is Benjamin Hoff's The Tao of Pooh... and one of the highlights of our NYC trip this past summer was getting to see the original stuffed Pooh (and Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, and Tigger) in the main library. There is a simplicity in that silly old bear's thinking and actions that has always spoken to me... and likely always will.


injaynesworld said...

With the possible exception of roller coasters, I'm with you on every one of these. I wish we lived closer so I would wrangle an invitation for your homemade soup. I'd even bring a fabulous red to go with it. This post left me smiling. Merry Christmas, Diane.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I'm with injaynesworld; all bar the rollercoaster.

Had a four handed massage last month, when on holiday in Bali. That was good!