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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rest in Peace, Sir

His work is finished.

But there is still much to do...

And how many of us are under-utilizing our good heads, good hearts, and literate tongues and pens?

Rest in peace, sir.

And may your legacy inspire us...

To do better.

To do more.

To do good.

To use our gifts... to use our good.

And to be heroes -- whether to one small child or to entire nations.

Rest in peace, sir, and thank you.

Thank you for the way you used your good head, your good heart, and your literate tongue and pen.

What gifts you possessed. What gifts you left us. What a gift you were.


Loren Tusing said...


Fred Bowman said...

Moving. To the point. Right on.

Fred Bowman said...

Moving. To the point. Right on.

Sam_I_am said...

It makes me quite sad that my facebook feed blew up when Paul Walker died, but the only mention on Nelson Mandela was here and on Mel B's facebook page. So sad.