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Saturday, January 23, 2016

And Still, It Snows

They're calling it Snowmageddon and Snowpocalypse... I dunno about that, but we got (are still getting) a crap-ton of snow - over two feet it looks like, with drifts up to three or four. I couldn't get the back door open this morning and instead of steps leading from my porch to the yard, I had a snow-slide. I haven't found my car yet, though I'm reasonably certain it's still out there. My poor dog, who is quite large (picture a boxer or golden retriever), was in it up to his neck and hopping about like a big, spastic rabbit. Other than the occasional bout of shoveling (which I had to do in order for said dog to be able to go out to pee), I have remained in my pajamas, on the sofa, watching the snow fall from my cozy den. It's supposed to stop tonight and then the plowing and shoveling (for real) will begin tomorrow.

I am not looking forward to it.

At all.

But it's been nice, these past two days, to just lie about, doing very little, and not feeling even remotely guilty about it.

For the people who visit my blog from places around the world which don't see snow with any sort of accumulation or regularity, here are a couple of pictures...

This was the view from the den, about 30 minutes after it started. It stuck to the roads immediately. My kittens were pretty enamored of the snow. That's Rue watching intently.

This is the view from my front window this morning. That's the mailbox, to the left of my driveway. What driveway, you might ask. I'm wondering myself. I'm pretty sure it was there yesterday.

This is looking out the back porch door to my deck. That window? My bedroom. I wondered why it was so dark this morning. Also, the door? Yeah. Not opening until spring.

That's my little Pip(squeak). He was completely fascinated by the falling snow. He sat there and watched for hours. And you see the shrub outside the window (see the first picture for a clear view)? Well, the snow has done it in completely. It gave way from all the weight (much like my knees). Poor thing.

Here's Ryan, Sunny, and Pip, watching the snow this morning.

And this one wasn't taken today but it's one of my favorite ever snow pictures. It's Ryan when she was three. Living in North Carolina at the time, we saw little snow, so she had a ball during this trip to New Jersey, to see my aunt and her godfather (and for a side-trip into NYC to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway).

If you got snow, I hope you stayed safe and warm. And if you didn't, feel free to come help me shovel!


dianne said...

Great photos of the snow and Ryan and your pets watching the snow. Gosh that is a lot of snow, too much, I have seen it on the news here and how severe your weather is. I hope you get a break soon and take care as the roads are very dangerous.
Warm hugs!
xoxoxo ♡

justsomethoughts... said...

snow+sofa-mailbox+cozy den-driveway+PJs=awesome