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Thursday, February 4, 2016


I just read that today is World Cancer Day.


Cancer doesn't deserve a special day. You know why? Because cancer is a sonofabitch. 

And because it gets every single stinkin' day of the year, that's why.

Whether you're living with it or dying with it, it's there... it's right there...

It's needles and scans and just one more vial of blood. 
It's scars on the surface. 
It's a port just under the surface.
It's fatigue and nausea and side effects
It's goddamned poison in your veins. 
It's fear and anger and desperation.
It's small victories, if you're lucky, and tremendous losses, even when you're lucky.
It's remissions and relapses and it's spreading fast.
It's a taker of security and peace and time and dreams.
It's a giver of confusion and hurt and what the fuck did I ever do to deserve this?

It's holding your breath.

It's pain.

It's grief.
It's deep and profound and unrelenting grief.

And it's every single stinkin' day.

So, no. Just... no.

Cancer doesn't deserve its own day. Cancer deserves a kick in the teeth.


Sheila said...

A-fing-men.(might not be living my word of the year "grace" with that but cancer doesn't deserve to get a day of recognition)

Amy McMean said...

Agree. Cancer needs a kick in the teeth and a kick to the throat.