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Thursday, July 31, 2008

All About Dizzy Lizzy (aka Pain In The Butt)

I am missing Ryan right now, so my niece Elizabeth (also known as Dizzy Lizzy) has come to spend the night. I told her that while Ryan was away she should make herself scarce, but she never listens to me... probably because I lie to her all the time... I mean, I tease her (I never lie). But she doesn't believe anything I say anymore as a result, even when I holler at her for real... she just assumes I'm teasing. I have to beat her with a big stick to make her understand I'm serious (she's sitting beside me right now and since the child couldn't lie to save her life, and because she is a HUGE tattletale, she wants me to let you all know that I don't really beat her with a big stick). Anyway, she wanted me to post some photos of her recent karate tournament. I didn't want to but she was going to make me watch Spongebob Squarepants all night if I didn't, so here they are (look left and down). The tournament was a pretty big deal and Elizabeth did amazingly well, finishing 3rd in her group, which was very large. We were all proud of her (well, I wasn't, but she's sitting here, so I had to say that). That's all. I think I've fulfilled my 'no Spongebob' requirement (and I'm going to put her out on the deck now because she just farted). Night night.

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