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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ry!

It is August 2nd… Ryan’s birthday! She’s not here with me, for the first time ever on her birthday, as she’s staying an extra couple of days with her dad. I’m happy she’s having a good time but I’m missing her terribly and have been thinking of her non-stop all day. Exactly 9 years ago this evening, I was holding my 7lb, 15oz wonder… I was tired, happy, a little nervous, and seriously despising the Breastapo (a.k.a. the lactation specialists). We’ve come a long way, lack of breast milk notwithstanding, and I’m so proud of child she is and the young woman she’s well on her way to becoming. She’s not the child I expected she would be, but that might just be a good thing, as she’s exceptional in so many ways I never dreamed of. I just wish she didn’t talk so damned much! But I love her just the same, mouth and all ;). So, here’s to you, Pud! Happy, happy, HAPPY Birthday! XOXO

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