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Sunday, August 31, 2008

This One's Gay...

I'm watching television right now and I just burst out laughing... had to share.

There's a new show coming on this fall called 'The Mentalist' with Simon Baker (who is just so yummy). I'm not sure exactly what the show's about but it seems Baker's character (who works in law enforcement, I think) is sometimes mistaken for a psychic because he seems to know things about people he shouldn't know... turns out he's just incredibly observant. So, the scene I just saw was him in the morgue with a bunch of other (live) people and several corpses all lined up on tables. He points to one male body and says, "This one's gay." Everyone turns and looks at him questioningly, clearly wondering how he could possibly know that from a quick glance at the body. He points to the dead man's feet and says, "Pedicure."

Now that's not particularly funny. What IS funny, however, is that the other day Ryan says to me, "Oh, Mama, I forgot to tell you this. When I was in Alabama with Daddy and Tracy, Daddy got a pedicure!!" I laughed pretty hard when she told me. I laughed even harder tonight. God, I so hope Rob watches that show!

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katy said...

LOL. LOL. that IS SO funny