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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Such Pretty, Pretty Boys

I love the beginning of September. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I love it for one incredibly shallow reason. I love it because the local university is back in session and it's still hot enough for all the boys to run at the park with no shirts on. Such pretty boys. I go to the park every day to work-out (which consists of miles of walking punctuated with yards of wheezing, stumbling, sweating, and swearing. Some people might call that bit 'running'... some people might... but not anyone who watches me do it).

ANYWAY, all the pretty college boys also run around the trail at the park (except that they really run) and I get to admire them as they do... from the front... from the rear... it's lovely. They're all tanned from the summer, and toned from being 20, and they smile and say hello so sweetly, and they're just so... pretty. Such pretty, pretty boys.

Please note that while I thoroughly enjoying looking, I'm not a total perve. I was recently asked out by a very cute 25-year-old who has a thing for older women. Though I'll admit I was tempted (until he sent me an email in text speak, which just takes me too long to decode), I told him I have a rule that I don't date anyone I could have actually given birth to. Sigh.

Well, off to the park. Hope your day's as pretty as mine!


hautepocket said...

Haha! I was thinking this exact thing while driving through UCLA over the weekend!

Heinous said...

This is why I don't run with my shirt off. Comparatively, it's a no win situation.