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Friday, February 13, 2009

TGIF the 13th...

Are you superstitious? If you ask me that question, I’ll tell you I’m not. I don’t even believe in luck – not really… though Murphy’s Law does seem to hold some validity in my life. And there is that whole thing where no matter what line I get into at the store, it will be the slowest, even if it had been the fastest when I got into it (man, I hate that).

Anyway, as I say, I’ll tell you I’m not superstitious but the truth is, I sort of am. Sort of. Do I truly believe I’ll have 7 years bad luck if I break a mirror? Nope. Do I worry if a black cat crosses my path? Not in the least. Would I walk under a ladder? Well, no, actually, I wouldn’t, but not because it’s bad luck… it’s just kind of unsafe, don't you think? But there are a few things I do which, logically, make not one iota of sense and which I don't even understand… superstitious things… things I learned as a child or just picked up along the way. For example:

1. I will not open an umbrella indoors.
2. I will not put new shoes on the table.
3. When I go through a yellow light, I lick my thumb and touch the roof of the car.
4. When I say something I don’t want to happen, like, “I’ve never run out of gas,” I knock wood (and it has to be real wood, not that particle board crap).
5. I wish on every ‘first’ and falling star I see.
6. I never tell anyone what I’ve wished for.
7. If I spill salt, I always throw a pinch over my left shoulder (thanks, Fhina, for reminding me of that one!)

What about you? What are your illogical, silly, superstitious quirks?


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I hold my breath when I drive across bridges and past cemeteries. How loony is that?!

Coachdad said...

You are too funny. As a coach, there are things that I have to do on game days, like take a nap two hours before game time to help the time pass.

Lisa said...

never put shoes on the table or open umbrellas in side.
never burn elder wood ( dont ask ! ) and never blow out candles- snuff them but never blow them.

yes, i am a weird ass for sure xxx

mo.stoneskin said...

None whatsoever. I believe in God but I do nothing that is superstitious, unless you count religiously grinding and drinking coffee every morning with all the fervour of a fundamentalist coffee addict.

I've also never felt the need to use an umberella indoors...maybe with all the rain in Scotland it's a habit you picked up there? ;)

Protege said...

Hehe, I posted a Friday the 13th post too.;) I guess many will.;)
I am not superstitious, but I notice if a black cat crosees my way and that is about it.;)
However, Friday the 13th has nothing on me. In my culture, 13 is a LUCKY number.;))
Stay safe today Diane.;)))

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Generally speaking, Murphy was an optimist.

No, sorry, not superstitious at all.

Lee said...

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

sherri said...

You do realize that Murphy's law was named after MY family, don't you?

I never say NEVER, as in:

I would never....
That would never happen.
He would never...
It could never be.

It's as if no matter how improbable
the statement is that would follow the word never,(hurricanes will never hit the state of Illinois) just saying it would cause it to come to pass. Somehow.

Wait....I just thought of something!

"I will NEVER be skinny again!"

(we'll see if this works if I do it on purpose).

I'll get back to you and let you know.

But as for all the rest, I don't give it a second thought.

Michelle said...

Nope i do nothing!!

But Diane what if it rains inside?? You may need to pop open the umbrella!!

I'm just saying pretty lady!!!

Cari said...

Licking your thumb and touching the roof of your car?? That is a new one, glad I haven't been in the car when you when you've gone through a yellow light, as I might just say 'EWWW' LOL..

When the clasp of my necklace moves to the front I always make a wish as I move it back around, and I can't even tell you why or when I started that!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

'When I go through a yellow light, I lick my thumb and touch the roof of the car' - This is a very new one on me - I might even try it!! But I do all the rest! Yikes! I also toss salt with my right hand over my left hand shoulder if I spill any. Silly, just as you say, and the rational in me knows that, but the irrational has sway! Bizarre! xx

theoddduckling said...

Licking your thumb and touching the ceiling? This is new for me.

I don't open an umbrella indoors. I never ever tell people what I wished for. And I have a small Buddha statue that a friend gave me my first semester of college that I rub before any test, exam, interview or whatever.

Heather said...

Oooh, numbers 3 and 6, definitely!! Only I don't lick my thumb, I kiss my palm and then hit the roof. It drives people nuts, but it's become a strange habit.

auntiegwen said...

My eldest daughter makes us lift out feet up if we drive past a cemetary, makes driving kinda tricky for a moment !

I will never have red and white flowers together (blood and bandages, I used to be a nurse), I do the salt thing, never walk under ladders and genuflect when I see a hearse,

yep, I am officially odd x

Mama Wheaton said...

Why no new shoes on a table?

Mel said...

1. My great-grandfather swept under my feet when I was a little girl and told me that would keep me from getting married and I'd always be his little girl. (not in a yucky way, though.)
2. Since I was a teenager when I go over railroad tracks, I lift my feet (even if I'm driving) so that I'll get married.
3. I say "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" before I say anything else on the first of the month. Then I jump out the end of the bed. It's for good luck for the month.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I do all the same, funny these old safety catches, arent they!! lovely post

HLiza said...

We're very superstitious here in Asia! I don't think I'm too superstitious but these I do:
1. I step out from the house door with my right leg all the time. Left one means bad luck.
2. We eat rice as our staple food. the rice measuring cup should never be kept mouth down..that will be a 'no food' sign! The mouth must always go up so that more and more food coming.
3. Unfinished rice should be packed nicely before being thrown away in the rubbish's respect.
4. I don't wipe dry my face after washing it first thing in the morning...let it dry by itself. They say the first wetness will sink in your skin and make you look young always!
5. We eat rice with our bare hand. And only the right hand.
6. Whenever an eyelash drops, I'll put it on my head. For beauty purpose too..(I know, there's no scientific logic at all!)

That's about all I can think of!

Anonymous said...

With all that sewage leaking into your house recently, didn't you walk around with an umbrella at the ready? I would have!


Ronda's Rants said...

I went all day without the realization it was Friday the 13th!
I am a little weird about that!

blognut said...

I'm laughing because I thought I was the ONLY person who licks their thumb and touches the roof of the car. Actually, the way I drive, I just keep mine there.

Any idea why we do that? I have no idea where that nutty habit originated.

Pauline said...

Onto the highway from the on-ramp, one should always press the three imaginary take-off buttons just above the sun visor while making a chssssh chssssch chsssch sound.

If you notice your nightgown is on inside out you must make a wish before you right it.

Do not tempt fate by saying "Things couldn't possibly get worse."

Braja said...

Only the umbrella one...God knows why, my grandmother and mother were full of them...but this one stuck.

Shanna said...

I alway SAY 'knock on wood' but there is rarely wood to knock on...guess that's as superstitious as I get ;)

Debbie Hannan said...

hey there! i have NO superstitions but wanted to say hi!! I saw your post on another blog and could relate in a few ways..single mom being one. ex hubbies extra curricular activities another:)! So wanted to say hi! Will enjoy keeping up with your blog I am sure!

Maithri said...

You my friend are far too funny for your own good...

Lick your thumb and touch the roof of your car when you go through a yellow light.... LOL! What a mental image...

I do the whole 'touch wood' thing... i generally just touch my head... ;)

I come from a sri lankan family so really superstition is everwhere... theres a concept called "asvaha" or the 'evil eye'.... almost every childhood illness i ever had was attributed to some 'aunty' being jealous that i got an A in my grade three english exam, and her son didnt... LOL!

Speakin of superstition... i have a cravin for stevie wonder right now...

Much love my friend and be well!!


Jenners said...

I actually kind of do a lot of the stuff you do ... just to cover my bases, you know. But not the thumb licking thing ... I would never do that.

Blu said...

Turd time lucky...trying to leave a comment on here..
No 4..I am often afraid to speak the thought in my head for fear that it may happen!!!!!

Dont give a monkeys about brollys and shoes.

Jen said...

Since you're familiar with Hispanic heritage stuff, maybe you know this one! Its stupid and I don't really believe it myself. My mom however is very superstitious and has practically tattooed this one thing into me:

"OJO" [oh-ho] aka 'The Evil Eye'

Pretty much, if you compliment someone about something [Nice sweater! You have pretty hair! Oooo I like your shoes!], you have to touch whatever it is you complimented so you don't give them 'the evil eye/ojo'. If you don't touch it, then whatever it is you complimented will break or tear or something will happen to it.

Case in point - my mom told a coworker, "Wow! Your heels are amazing!"

Coworker says, "Thanks I got them at Macys."

Mom then says, "Let me touch them for you so I don't give you Ojo."

Coworker says, "No you can't touch my shoes, that's weird!" [it was a non-spanish speaking coworker who didn't have hispanic friends so she had never heard of this]

And not 5 seconds after she walked away, the heel on one of her shoes BROKE OFF, and she fell flat on her face in the middle of the office.

Mom then said, "See, if I had touched it, that wouldn't have happened. I gave you ojo."

It also works in reverse - if someone gives you a compliment you have to tell them to touch whatever it is they're complimenting so nothing happens to it.

I really don't believe in it as far as people giving me compliments, but I sometimes find myself afraid to give strangers compliments on little things because of the 'what-if' factor. You don't exactly tell the cashier the grocery store, "Wow you have such beautiful eyes! But you have to let me touch them so nothing happens to them...." Ya know? LOL

So there's my silly superstitious upbringing.

Red Cup Mom said...

I knock on wood all day long. Even the dumb wood in my car when I must. I have to use the knuckles on both hands and every knuckle must touch the wood.

I put shoes on the table. As a route for taking them upstairs. Maybe that's been my problem all along! I won't do that anymore!

Friday the 13th was indeed scary yesterday, but I escaped it! Glad you did too!

disa said...