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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Man, I Wish He WAS a Former Reader!

Well, I received another email from our dear Former Reader (seems he wasn’t quite so ‘former’ as he would have us believe). It was as long, badly written, and convoluted as his first, so I won’t post the entire thing. I will tell you, though, that in addition to berating me (again) for sharing my views… on my blog… he spouted this priceless little tidbit…

You cant say nothing bad about Rush Limbaugh, he is a TRUE American who deserves respect!!! You bleeding heart liberals and the so called Christians who follow that piece of crap you call a blog and dont know nothing about the BIBLE are the danger to AMERICAIN, your going to destroy us by turning the country into Sadam and Gamora, Rush and the people who follow him are the only ones who can save us!!!

Hey, isn’t “Sadam and Gamora” that new resort in Florida? I heard that place was pretty cool!


Anyway… “Rush and the people who follow him are the only ones who can save us!!!

Really, dear Former Reader? Really? Rush ‘The Festering Boil on the Ass of Humanity’ Limbaugh? (Hmmm… guess I can say something bad about him, eh?) Well, if a neo-con ‘savior’ who spews forth ignorance, hatred, and fear every time he opens his mouth is the person you want to follow (into the depths of Hell), feel free. That is certainly your right. I, however, am going to head down the road toward what I hope will be a more enlightened and tolerant “AMERICAIN” (with a stop at “Sadam and Gamora” for a weekend of fun in the sun, natch) with people who don’t spew ignorance, hate, and fear with every breath; with those bleeding heart liberals, moderates, conservatives, free-thinkers, and “so-called Christians” (you know, the ones who actually try to live by Christ’s example… which, in case you didn't know, had much more to do with love, acceptance, and forgiveness than with keeping gay people from marrying); with anyone willing to work together (imagine the concept!) for a world we can all live in, because, believe it or not, that's what most of us truly want.

But hey, if you change your mind and decide to join us, we’ll leave the light on for ya’.

Oh, and dear Former Reader, if you’d like to reply to this post, please feel free to do so… in the ‘comments’ section… you know, a public forum, where other (current) readers (including those “so-called Christians”) can respond to you directly (and feel free to grow some balls and leave your name, too). Otherwise, don’t bother. I won’t be opening any more of your emails. I said I’d defend your right to say what you like… but I don’t have to listen (or read, as the case may be). As far as I’m concerned, you (and those like you), have nothing of relevance to say… well, not to anyone with an ounce of intelligence and a shred of humanity, anyway.

And PS… to those who asked, I don’t believe our dear Former Reader was actually ever really a reader. I believe he just ‘happened’ upon a post he didn’t agree with and had to spout his two cents… anonymously (natch). Given some of the things I’ve written about in the past, I feel certain he would have felt the need to open his trap before now and he would have become our 'dear Former Reader' a long time ago!


Anonymous said...

Fuck YOU bitch!! Hows that for balls!!

Now I really am a FORMER READER!!!

Diane said...

"Fuck YOU bitch!" Hmmm... did Jesus say that to Mary Magdalene? I "don't know nothing about the BIBLE", but I figure a good Christian (as opposed to a so-called Christian) like our dear Former Reader would be quoting the Bible, right?

Balls? No, dear Former Reader... those were not balls. At all. And I've seen balls... 'cause I'm not a lesbian, you know.

Thanks for entertaining us all today, though. Much appreciated! And hey, tell Rush we said hi! XOXO

Lisa said...

yes, ive heard that the parting words of most of the devoutly Christian are 'fuck you bitch'

I have so much respect for christianity and for people who have FAITH in it.

Former reader is in fact a former nazi in my mind.......

Soda and Candy said...

Oh yeah, anonymously commenting purely to insult you using curse words REALLY cements his position as a brave soldier of Christ (that preacher of loving, forgiving and NOT JUDGING your fellow humans).

And it's really brave as well.


sherri said...

Lisa and whoever takes this person's words as "christian"...don't judge us all by the rants of someone who chooses to spew venom in the name of Christ. There is NOTHING remotley CHRISTIAN about this behavior. Nothing.
My faith is in Christ and HIS teachings, NOT in those who call themselves by His name.
Just as there are aspects of many religions perceived to be extreme to outsiders (or insiders for that matter), the same holds true for Christianity. But it is a beautiful thing when truly practiced.
It is also very hard to do consistantly. PLEASE, don't make blanket statements about Christianity although many representatives have shown it in a very bad light. I don't agree with this person's tactics at all. I am ashamed of their behavior. I just threw up a little in my mouth as Diane did yesterday. I think it's very sad.

Diane- hang in there---this is whack! You know this is no representation of true Christian behavior. It's representational of the type of behavior Jesus admonished publicly. I am so sorry this has happened here---or anywhere it happens. Pure ugliness at its worst.

hebba said...

I can't imagine having so much free time as to search for blogs that I can leave nasty comments on. I guess Anonymous and Former Reader are looking for pity. Here ya go guys: (or girls) I really, really pity you.

blognut said...

If I'm not mistaken, "Fuck you, Bitch" is the accepted Christian way to bid one another farewell.

That is, if by 'Christian' you mean 'stuck-up, intolerant, bigoted, piece of shit.'

If, in fact, you meant 'Christian' in the way that I commonly hear it used, as in 'follower of Christ' I think you're supposed to love your fellow man... even if you are a man yourself, Mr. Former Reader, (who can't quite get out of here fast enough for my liking).

Also, it's been my experience that the people who tend to be most intolerant of 'alternate lifestyles' are actually just needing a good same-sex relationship to pull their sorry asses out of the proverbial closet.

And hey, Diane? I still want you to be my common-law wife. We'll honeymoon at the Sadam and Gamora resort.

Diane said...

Sherri, I think Lisa really does have respect for Christianity and 'true' Christians... I THINK that's what she meant (I don't think she was being sarcastic). She's incredibly respectful, tolerant, and faithful :).

And you know I know Former Reader is an ass and not indicative of everyone who calls themself 'Christian'. No worries, darlin'!

She said...

I have no words. As one of the "so-called" Christians, all I can do is say, "I'm sorry you've been exposed to this trash!"

I, like Sherri, try to follow Christ's example of how to live and treat others and not FOLLOW those who claim to "follow Christ" and then do and say heinous things in his name.

It just makes my blood boil!

Michelle said...

and peace be with you also my son....


Blarney said...

Whoa!!! What drama ~ what caddy ~ what insanity. Diane you ROCK!
Just when I thought I was off my rocker! Do you think Former Reader is really former or just lerking, stalking and formulating thier next be-heading like a true Christian?!
Jeeze ~ now I'm in love with you and I'm not even a lesbian ... :)

~jill said...

hahahahahahahaha....i'm pretty sure that, as a Christian, i'm suppose to follow Jesus and not Rush...but maybe i'm confused.

i enjoy coming here and reading your blog and all the comments. I think it's fantastic that there are many different views and yet everyone is respectful. (at least until former reader dropped by).

Diane said...

Jill... I love that, too! And at least Former Reader provided some comic relief!

Chris @ Maugeritaville said...

Di, don't turn your blog into a bitter chat room for a dipshit to get under your skin. Just go back to doing what you do.

You're better than that.

Diane said...

Chris... he's not under my skin. I do find people like him sad and pathetic... and sort of funny, too (in a dangerous-in-numbers sort of way). No worries -- I have no intention of allowing my blog to become a bitter chat room (which is why I almost NEVER post anything political)... but there are times when issues need to be addressed and when people - good people - have to be allowed to have their say. And I'm cool with that :).

sherri said...

Hey- My post is up regarding all of this. "BLUE LIKE JAZZ".

Annie K said...

Dear Former Reader / Anonymous,

First off, I am a conservative Christian and I think you are a dumb ass. Yes, I called you an ass, but I was actually thinking worse. I know, I'll probably be in the same handbasket to hell as the 'alleged 'lesbian' liberal that you seem to be hating on for saying that, but I'll take my chances.

I would just like to know why you are so angry and think you can hide behind the 'Christian' label. Because your words certainly aren't very Christ like. (Although I think you're more like the Pharisees who got their tables knocked over and a verbal smack-down by Jesus in the temple...than the guy that carried the cross for Jesus to Calvary) but I digress.

While my views may not be the same as Diane's views, or the same as most of her readers for that matter, I would never, in the name of politics and especially Christianity (which I hold very sacred and dear to my heart) slander her or her readers for their views or comments. You, FR/Anonymous, if you are indeed the Christian you claim to be, should be ashamed of yourself, extremely saddened and apologetic for the way you have treated another human being...that JESUS LOVES THE SAME AS YOU.

And that is all I have to say about THAT.

mo.stoneskin said...

I thought Sadam was dead.

Ah and that reminds me, I'd like to read that Bible tale again, the one about Americain and Abel.

SSP said...

look, i know how upsetting this is, and you can see how riled up everyone is, but this "person" is just one of those trolls...who kinda moves through the web stirring up trouble, tipping over garbage cans, pissing on the wall...JUST to stir it up. They like to put some chemicals in the pot and then watch the comments erupt and the bickering tear the blog apart. I say, just drop it, delete everything you receive, and go on with your regularly scheduled diatribes...not that you don't get your message through, but don't beat your head, or heart, against this brick wall. just my 2 cents...

Michelle said...

I am finding this rather frikken hilarious!

Dianne, you are my hero of the day!


She said...

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Ghandi

SOOOO, if that FR/Anon is a Christian, then the above quote MOST DEFINITELY APPLIES!!!

And Mo.stoneskin CRACKS ME UP!

DIANE, you absolutely ROCK, and I love you today more than I did before, and I already LOVED you a lot, and for the sake of this post, titally! ;-)

dianne said...

Diane dear, I'm so sorry you have had to put up with this vitriolic abuse from this 'Former Reader' person who claims to be a Christian.

Nothing even resembling Chrisianity in his views and words in my opinion...

You stick to your own beliefs, the way you live your life and the way you are encouraging Ryan to be herself.

You are great person, you have intelligence, you have humanity and you are a great Mum and role model for your daughter and all of us.
Its not easy being a single Mum and we all love you and are proud of you; I wouldnt bother opening any more of his? e-mails.

Take care my friend, we are all here for you. ♡

Protege said...

Sorry that you are experiencing an unpleasant exchange.:(((
Sending you many hugs.

everydaysies said...

Hi Diane -
I've learned to just let this type of 'Christian' show their ignorance and refrain from encouragement by ignoring their rants. (I have one in my family, so I know what you're going through!) Acknowledging them in your wonderful blog simply gives them a platform. If it were MY blog, I would definitely NOT let them share my stage!

Back in my day there used to be a radio sayin' that went like this: 'If you don't like what we're sayin' here, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!"

only a movie said...

Very funny m.o. stoneskine.

It's too bad you have this person stirring up your lovely blog, Diane.

Shanna said...

You're braver than I! I'm not sure I could be as nonchalant about all this, I can't believe he's freaking out SO much. Some people are such freaks!
Good for you though and I'm glad you're not letting him get under your skin!!

Ronda's Rants said...

What a shame to give him this much attention?
The real topic is the disappointment of continued discrimination of gays and lesbians supposedly for Family's not just some Christians who feel this kind of discrimination is okay...every major religion seems to think it's okay!
I might be incorrect on that but it would seem that a majority of people feel this is appropriate and it just seems to sad to me.
As a Christian...someone who believes in Christ and his example and tries to follow it and who believes in the Constitution of the United States...I don't understand how this happened! I would think if you allow one set of people a would be discrimination to not allow others that same right! To base this solely on someone's sexual orientation is discrimination.
I say this with all the love in my heart for my fellow man...I don't understand.
Thanks for speaking out! This is painful for me because I disagree with many friends and family members who by the way are good people who try to do the best that they can do...we just disagree strongly on this topic.
But...we don't, thank God...resort to name calling.

Stu Pidasso said...

If Rush and the people who follow him are the only ones who can save Americain, then run for the hills for we are doomed, doomed I say (queue eerie music in background).

Heather said...


I don't think I even want to respond to Mr. Anonymous today... I'm not sure it would do any good anyway.

But to you, dear Diane, just know that I echo what Sherri said. His behavior is not the least bit Christ-like in ANY way.

Instead of angry, today his words just made me sad. Sad that someone could be that ignorant. Sad that someone could be so hateful in the name of Christ - someone who showed nothing but love and compassion.

Love ya friend. :)

Diane said...

Ronda, you're absolutely right... the original issue got lost in all the hoopla. Sadly, I do understand how it's happened that we can deny basic rights to an entire group of people... it's because even though we claim a separation of church and state, the Christian church still has a WHOLE LOT OF INFLUENCE over our government and law-makers. And because many, many Christians find homosexuality to be a sin, and indeed, an abomination against God, it's OK to deny the right to marry. But it's not. And one day, I hope, everyone will realize that no matter how you feel about the way another person lives his/her life (even if it's NOT a choice!), the government has no right to mandate. NO RIGHT.

Thank you for being a voice of reason and fairness... a Christian who can see past that bias to what is FAIR for HUMAN BEINGS... not just heterosexual human beings!

Terri said...

It's all about fear and ignorance. Rush, Bush, Cheney and their ilk control by fear mongering. I find it incredibly sad. They are missing out on so much of life and love by spitting out this vitriol. And the people who vomit it back up word for word without thinking for themselves - well that's just sad.

I wish for them peace of mind. For some, that will be a long bumpy road.

Mel said...

Well, again, you know how I feel and now you know how my dear mother (everydaysies) feels too! The apple didn't fall too far from the tree on this one.

It's just truly amazing that people have so much time and energy to go trolling the internet looking for things they dislike. What could they accomplish if they focused on doing positive things?

Personally I like to think Former Reader/Anonymous actually is Rush Limbaugh and this is his completely impotent attempt to sway people's ways of thinking. But, seriously? If you have something you think is SO important to say, why would you post anonymously? If you have something you think is SO important to say, why not stand up proudly and say it and claim it under your own name?

Why do the people who know the least always talk the loudest? It just makes them look more stupid.

Jeff said...

I'll second Chris's suggestion. Don't give this person the attention they're craving. Your blog is too good for this stuff.

boneman said...

You do realize it might be Rush trying to regain some of the publicity he gave away, right?
Poor guy.
Almost makes you want to pull out a hankie, let him blow
his nose and pull up his socks and send him on his way.

Except I ain't letting him blow any snot into MY hankie.

Lee said...

Seems to me he lacks the sort of mental dexterity needed to qualify for moron status.

Helen said...

I am a friend of Sherri's. I read her post today.

I thought you might find this video amusing, due to your "former reader".

Beep said...

Oh God, a dittohead. Rush wiggles a chubby finger and all of his zombies rise up to do their best to foist their collective psychosis upon our nation. You have my sympathy. I get attackers, too, from the radical right. I am astonished at the amount of bitterness, resentment, and hatred they still have in such abundance even after having been in power for eight long years.

LMN said...

Oh my gosh, this FORMER READER person is NOT worth another second of your precious time, Diane. People like that are so closed minded there is no exchange of ideas or reality, so good for you NOT reading another email. And I wholeheartedly support YOUR response.

You have a lovely blog. And a terrific, witty voice. And great ideas and stories and "lessons." So keep 'em coming.