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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Need Your Creative Genius...

I've told you all about my friend Cari (she's the person who inspired me to do the Booby Walk). She has a new hobby making cool, funky beaded jewelry, which, up 'til now, she's been giving away to family and friends. She's decided, though, that since she's been getting rave reviews, and since she's got a crazy over-stock of product (she doesn't go out much, so she has lots of time to create :), she's going to market the jewelry (you may be seeing a link here to a website soon). A friend's cousin, who has a consignment shop, wants to showcase her stuff, which is very cool and a nice little start to this business endeavor. The issue (and the reason I'm requesting your collective creative bloggy genius) is that she can't think of a good name for her company. Her name is actually Catherine Cari, so she was thinking of something like CC Designs, as she likes the idea of using her initials, but she's not married to it. So, any ideas? Don't be shy... pass 'em on!!

And PS... don't any of you smarty pants come up with 'CaCa Designs'... I already thought of it (and made myself laugh like crazy... I'm so easy).

20 comments: said...

I actually think CC Designs sounds rather classy. :)
I wish her great success!

sherri said...

"CC Designs" is good. Easy to remember, lets you know her product is of the designed nature( for those who have no idea)
Tell her to get a good logo of her name- that makes all the difference too.
My son does logos for businesses, and I never realized how important it was until he started teaching me about it.
Think McDonald's and those golden arches....

Good luck to your friend.

Comedy Goddess said...

Ask her to imagine her business in full bloom. Ask her to feel like it's already a big success. Ask her to see everything in her mind's eye, like she is watching a movie. Ask her to watch herself handing out business cards. Then ask her what is written on her business card. The name of her business will be written on that card.

Sometimes Sophia said...

cathcari designs - all lower case in Whimsy ICG


CATHCARI DESIGNS - all upper case in Decotura ICG

Plus, I love that quote by Rumi. I found it on a beautiful, hand stitched card. It was the perfect card to send to my son whose views differ so greatly from mine.

Blu said...

How about

C2 designs

ps I read this article and thought of you

She said...

Haha! CaCa designs! You know Blognut was gonna come up with that, too, right? Cuz you two share a brain and all!

I actually think Creative Genius Designs kind of has a cool ring to it! ;-)

Rachel Cotterill said...

I don't know about over there, but CC is a well-established clothes shop here, which could be a problem if she's very successful. Personally, I think CathyCari (or CathiCari) trips off the tongue nicely... she has a great name! It doesn't matter for a business whether anyone actually calls her Cathy. I would also check domain name availability before committing to a name.

f1trey said...

good ideas all around...surely one will ideas just arent as good!!!!!!

LMN said...

CC Designs is great. But since you asked, I am a big fan of brainstorming. As long as no one is making fun. Isn't that the brainstorming rule ... anything goes?

CC Beading
CC Creations
CCB Designs (B for beads) (Like BBC, but reversed, okay, I'm a nerd).
CC BeaDesigns
Cari Custom Creations
Caring Beads
Cari Caring Designs
Cari Custom Designs
Designs by Cari
BeDesigned by Cari
CC BeDesigned
CC BeDesign
CC Deco
CC BeadCreative
CC Bead Creations
BeadJewelled, by CC (or by Cari)

That's it for now. I need more coffee! (P.S. Good for Cari!)

blognut said...

You stole my answer and now I'm creatively blocked. I'll have it to give it some thought.

Chris@Maugeritaville said...

"Just Beaded" (think Michael Jackson)

"To Bead is to Do"

"Two if By CC" (don't know what that means, really . . . )

"Do Bead, Do Bead, Do."

"If You Can't Bead 'em, Join 'em"

"C's Beads"

"C-squared Beadery"

"To Bead or Not to Bead"


"CC's Beaded Jewelry and Shit"

"Free Sex and Beads" (it would draw attention)

Ronda's Rants said...

Sorry...I do love CaCa Designs!
What could be better...
Cari Cat or Designs by Cat Cari.
I hope it's a great success...good for her!

Maithri said...

I like Chris's idea of "Free Sex and beads" ;)

CC or C2C (C2shiningC lol) designs also sounds good!

Big Love, M

Protege said...

Good for your friend;))
I am so bad with names, but I will think about a suggestion.
Can't wait to see the jewelry.:))

Anonymous said...

Howsabout CatsEye Designs? Or CatsI designs? (Cause Cat is short for Catherine and all...and I think 'Catseye' suits a jewellery business.)

Soda and Candy said...


(Italian for "beloved")

C Woods said...

Someone else suggested Cathcari Designs. I really like that. It is unique. It sounds a little exotic, like it came from another part of the world. I think it is much more interesting than CC ---which as someone else suggested might be used by other companies. And if she becomes famous, it sounds like one name, like Cher or (artist) Marisol. You can't get any bigger than being known by one name.

dianne said...

I like CC Creations, good luck to your friend. ♡

Heather said...

Wow - you have some great suggestions already! cathcari sounds nice... but for attention grabbing names, I'd definitely go with one of Chris's. I laughed all the way through his list!!

Anonymous said...

'The Venerable Bead'....?

Might be a bit high-brow for the US market though ;)