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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1000 Things (but not all at once!)...

I read something recently about how happiness is not, as many people think, this big THING we attain and then hold onto. It’s actually lots of little things, strewn throughout our days and weeks and months and years, and if we just train ourselves to really see and feel and appreciate them as they happen, happiness just IS. It’s a part of us – part of who we are. That’s cool, no?

So today begins my year-long quest to see and feel and appreciate… and list… 1000 Things to Be Happy About in 2011! I’m going to try not to duplicate any but, if after 8 months and 682 things, something pops up twice (or, you know, 3 or 4 times), don’t yell at me, ‘k? You’ll just know it must make me REALLY happy!

1. Reading blogs (and I PROMISE I’ll get back ‘round to everyone’s very, very soon!)

2. Dates stuffed with almonds (fruit-dates, not men-dates… they’re yummy! Though men-dates stuffed with almonds might be yummy, too, now that I think of it)

3. Climbing back into my warm bed after an early-morning shower for an extra 20 minutes (just don’t fall back to sleep or your hair will NOT make you happy… trust me on this one)

4. Finding money when I clean out a purse I haven’t used in a while (but not so much pennies or nickels… dimes and quarters make me smile… and dollars actually make me giggle!)

5. My electric kettle

6. Getting a good idea for a blog post or a Facebook status update

7. The smell of brownies baking (or cookies… or bread… or cake… OK, the smell of pretty much any carbohydrate baking)

8. That Sarah Palin is only stinking up cable and not public office (!)

9. Getting a new magazine in the mail

10. The look of pure joy on my dog’s face when I get home (I’m telling you, he SMILES!)

11. A funny email from a friend

12. Falling into bed tired

13. Gerard Butler (with whom I’d like to fall into bed not-so-tired… but just looking at his photo is nice, too)

14. Breakfast with a good friend (especially when it runs into lunch!)

15. A long walk in the park with my dog

16. My clean car (it’s the happiest 8 minutes in my year!)

17. Laughing out loud at a television program (seen ‘Hot in Cleveland’ yet? Very chuckle-worthy!)

18. That my 11-year-old still wants to be tucked in (she frowns at my lullabies, though… dunno why)

19. My hot pink, knitted, fleece-lined boot-slippers with the pom-poms (why, yes, they DO look quite silly – it’s part of the appeal)

20. Flannel pajama pants and old sweatshirts (attractive? No. Happy-inducing? Yes!)

To be continued... (a lot!)

So, what makes YOU happy?


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I LOVE this post. All of it. Except for number three, but I'm seeing a therapist about that. Also, a tip: If you want your 11-year-old to listen to lullabies, a back scratching while you sing works wonders on mine. If I scratch her back, she tolerates my singing and I get a little extra time with her before bed. ;-)

SparkleFarkle said...

Today, what makes me happy is clumping kitty litter.

Little things mean a lot.

Anne said...

Can I just say that I'm a little worried about #19? And that I NEVER want to see those. Ever.

hebba said...

What a great idea! I might just have to steal this idea from you. (and? I'm sitting here in my plaid flannel jammie pants, gigantic UNCW sweatshirt, and fleece socks!)

slommler said...

This is a wonderful idea!! Flannel pajamas and sweatshirts make me happy too! And fresh coffee from my Keurig makes me happy!!

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

great post..great idea..I can relate to lots on your list! or course, you know I would replace Gerald with Shemar..but that goes without saying!!:-) LOVED # 16..that is so me too! Happy when its done and then its suddenly not so done any more!!!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...


Happy= baking bread, knitting, babies, sunny days and blue skies.

Victoria Elizabeth said...

This is a great idea! It is the little things in life that make us the happiest! I especially love the flannel pajamas ;)