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Friday, November 15, 2013

The More You Cry...

Sometimes you just need a good cry. I think that's probably true of everyone. Right? It doesn't feel good, exactly - not while it's going on, anyway - but I know I usually feel better when it's over. It's especially good when it's an ugly cry. You know the kind... the sort of cry that if anyone took a photo of you while you were doing it, you'd smack 'em first and then make them burn the picture. The ugly cry is loud and serious and soul-wrenching. And it'll clean you out like nobody's business. It'll exhaust you and make you feel like you can sleep for days.

That? Is a good cry.

Some cries aren't so great, though.

You know... like the one you're trying to fight because you're not in a situation or place where crying is acceptable; the one that wells up and overflows, all silent and drippy. I hate that one.

Another not-great cry is the angry cry... when you're so stinkin' mad and you want to give the person you're mad at what-for, but all that comes out is blubbering. And sometimes bubbles. Man, I really hate that one.

One that gets me is when I'm trying to relay story to someone and I break down in the middle. I always feel like such an emotional sap. And even if the story is 25-years-old, it can still happen. There appears to be no statute of limitations on The Weep.

The one that comes out of the blue and whacks me upside the head, though - that one gets me every time. I don't expect it... I might not even be thinking about the thing that's about to make me sob... but then I'll hear a song on the radio or I'll see a commercial or I'll read something that reminds me and WHAM-O! There it is.

In the end, though, crying is cathartic. It's cleansing. It releases pressure we've allowed to build up in our hearts and in our heads. So it's all good, I guess.

Also? As someone mentioned to me today, the more you cry, the less you pee.

I guess that's a good thing. Right?


Amy McMean said...

I told my husband the other week that I just NEEDED a "good cry". He said that didn't make any sense. It makes all the sense in the world to me.

Fred Bowman said... are on a roll!