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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bloggy Block...

Howdy, my bloggy loves! I feel as though I've been gone forever! Thanks to everyone who's emailed to check up/in... I'm fine... alive and well (well, still kicking, anyway). Life has just gotten in the way of blogging, which seems to be happening more now than ever, since I started little writing adventure. I've also been experiencing a bit of a block, though I have been writing (prompted by my classes, only one of which is still going on)... but much of it has been stuff I'm just not ready to share yet. I figured out recently that there's something else affecting my blogging frequency...

You know I fell into the Facebook trap a while ago, right? I've really enjoyed it (much more than I expected I would) and I've gotten in touch with loads of old friends and met a few people I didn't know prior (it's a lot like blogging in that way). I posted a link to my blog on my FB page, though, and as a result, I started to notice a lot more traffic from Pigsknuckle passing through Blogland than I've ever seen before. There used to be, maybe, two people from here who read my stuff... now there are more. Several more. And it's sort of weird to know that people who know me (or knew me once), and have these very preconceived notions of who I am, are now able to see me in this way... in this very personal way. It's not a bad thing, certainly, but I think it's caused me to sort of 'seize' when it comes to posting. I don't want to censor myself but I find myself, for the first time, really, wondering what people will think of my words and attitudes and feelings and snark. Does that makes sense? I think it's so easy to be open here in Blogland, especially with people who don't know you in person (or when the people who do know you in person and read your blog know you SO well, like my friends Mel and Todd, for example... no one knows me better, so nothing I write here is a big surprise to them).

I'm working on moving past it, though, and coming up with some posts. And I will make it around to everyone else over the next few days. I've missed you guys! XOXO

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Go, Little Activist, Go!

A couple of weeks ago, when I picked my 10-year-old up at school after her student government meeting, she was angry and close to tears. When I asked her what was wrong, she declared, "I need permission to use the word 'friggin'!" I had to contain my giggle, as she was clearly upset, and I asked, again, what was wrong. She told me that, due to proposed state budget cuts, the middle school and high school athletic programs might be eliminated. Since she was planning (and excited) to run cross country and track next year (as a 5th grader, she's not eligible yet), this was devastating to hear. I told her that if she was really upset about it, she needed to go down to the next school board meeting and let them know. Within five minutes, she decided that was exactly what she was going to do.

Over the past two weeks, we've talked quite a bit about her speech. I explained that she needed to be clear about why eliminating the sports programs would be a bad idea and that she also needed to make sure she was willing to give something back -- not just ask for 'something for nothing' (even though the programs are warranted on their own merit). She told me the other day that she and her friend Abigail had discussed the speech and come up with some good points. I told her to write it all out and then I'd look at it and we could make changes if they were necessary.

She did.


I was blown away. If I hadn't sat and watched her type it all out, I would have assumed it was written by someone much older than 10. She was clear and articulate and she made her points succinctly. She even added at the end that she understood there was not enough money in the budget for everything schools need, but that she and her friends and their parents would be willing to raise funds and find volunteers to keep the programs going. There were a couple of small areas that lacked a certain diplomacy but she's 10... diplomacy isn't something a lot of adults can employ, so her lack wasn't too surprising. I made suggestions to tweak those areas and she did it. She did it well.

So, tonight was the school board meeting. We got there a little early and sat near the front. When the time came for the 8-member board (including the school Superintendent) to hear from the general public, Ryan was first up. She announced herself, her age, her school, and her topic, and then she launched into her speech. Though I knew she was nervous, no one else could tell. She was confident, clear, and full of conviction. After she finished, the next woman up (to speak about the arts program) said she didn't want to follow Ryan. Everyone laughed. One of the school board members told my baby she was "eloquent and very brave." And she was!

It turns out that the athletic programs aren't being cut (yay!). The decision had been made before Ryan spoke (although the Superintendent joked that they just made the decision after Ryan's speech), but I assured her that she had made an impression nonetheless, and that her words might have an impact down the road, when the budget issue comes up again. And regardless, it's important to be heard when you feel strongly about something, especially something so worthwhile. I told her that the school board and the community needs to know that students care and that they are willing to work within established protocols to get things done.


She was as proud of herself as I was.


She might be on television tonight and in the newspaper tomorrow. I sure do hope so!

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green...

I've been a horrible blogger of late (and I probably deserve to have lost the FOUR! followers who went bye-bye in the past week... man, that stings, eh?). I wish I could tell you why I've not been able to write anything lately. But I can't. I'm just feeling sort of stagnant. Static. Stuck. Sucky. I did have a jolt of electricity applied directly to the creative centers of my brain yesterday, though...

I went to see Wicked! As you might remember, I got tickets to see it as Ryan's big Christmas gift this year. I saw the show in London a few years ago (with Idina Menzel!) and Ryan's been dying to see it ever since. My intention was actually to take her to NY to see it on Broadway (but you know what they say about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions, right?). So when I found out it was going to be playing in Richmond, a mere two hours from Pigsknuckle, I jumped on it and got us tickets for yesterday's matinee.

The show was as spectacular as I remembered! And Ryan absolutely loved it! She was blown away by everything -- the sets, the costumes, the story, the music, the performances (and specifically the singing!). She said it was better than the Broadway version of The Lion King, which is saying something, really, as that show was amazing!

If you haven't read Gregory Maguire's book, Wicked, from which the stage production was adapted, it's the story of how the Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West (of Wizard of Oz fame, natch) became enemies... sort of. Gregory Maguire has this fabulous way of turning tried and true stories and fairy tales on their ears, giving his audience a completely different perspective, especially on the subjects of 'evil' and 'good.' And let's just say that you leave Wicked with a whole new take the color green! If you haven't read the book, do! It's wonderful. And if you haven't seen the show but you have the opportunity to do so, do that, too! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Hopefully I can tap into the creative energy I witnessed yesterday and manage to write something more in depth than a grocery list in the next few days. One can hope, right?

Friday, March 5, 2010


I think I fixed my blog! With absolutely NO help from Blogger, I might add. I was this close to heading over to Wordpress and starting over, and though I wasn't looking forward to making such a big change, it wasn't wholly unappealing either. That tells me I need to freshen things a bit 'round the Ramblings, so I'm going to spend some time this weekend doing a little housecleaning and fixing all the little formatting issues that resulted from my mostly futile handyman attempts. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions about what to check... I appreciated the help!

I've missed you guys loads, so I'll be back 'round this weekend! XOXO

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blogger... Double Grrrrr!!!!

Now it seems that people on browsers other than Mozilla Firefox can see my POSTS, but nothing else (including my blog title, profile, etc). And? All my fonts have changed. I'm BEYOND aggravated with all this. Wordpress anyone?

OK, never mind. It seems my posts STILL can't be seen. I give up.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blogger... Grrrrrr!!!

My blog is, apparently, pretty much blank to anyone using a browser other than Mozilla Firefox. I have no idea why and though I've tried, I can't seem to get any support from Blogger (there is no information regarding a resolution in their Help lists or forum and though they suggest contacting them, they give no way to actually DO it!). If anyone who CAN read this has any suggestions or knows of a way to reach Blogger for help, please let me know. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Monday, March 1, 2010

45/45 Challenge... Moving Along...

OK, first, I've been told that there are some issues with my blog and some people can only see my 'Quotes of the Week'. Dunno what's up. Dunno how to fix it. Dunno how to contact Blogger to tell them there's an issue. If anyone who can see my blog knows what to do, please let me know! Thanks!!

So... I'm moving along with my 45/45 Challenge list! Sort of. My cardio-kickboxing class was scheduled for Saturday and I showed up for it, as did 4 other people and the instructor. Unfortunately, the woman who owns the studio didn't show up to unlock the door, so the class was a bust. But it's been rescheduled for Wednesday night, so I'll be going then. If I survive, I'll blog about it on Thursday morning!

I did, however, take my first ever yoga class this weekend! And I loved it! I went with my friend Emmy (who is turning 30 this week and is all about trying new things, too). It was the Kundalini form of yoga, which seems to be, from what I can gather, a combination of a bunch of different kinds of yoga. Some of it was hard but mostly it was just totally cool and relaxing. And the instructor (loved her!) was wonderful at creating this amazing environment that just felt... I don't know... safe. That might sound like a strange word but it does apply. I had the same feeling throughout the class that I get in the writing workshops I attend with my mentor and coach, Maureen. It's the same feeling I try to create in the writing classes I do myself. During the whole session last night, I kept hearing this little voice in my head saying, "This is where you're supposed to be." As many of you know, I've been trying to figure out where I'm supposed to be for a long time. It was an interesting, unexpected, and pleasant thing to hear, especially coming from my own psyche.

After the class, I had this overwhelming urge to write, which rarely happens (though I wish it did, much more often). Though I was going to swim laps while Ryan was at practice last night, I sat down in the lobby of the pool facility instead, and cranked out six pages of pretty good, pretty illuminating stuff. I was really, really happy. And if that's the result of yoga? I'll go every damned day! Seriously, yesterday's won't be my last class (unlike Zumba, which I've decided not to do again). I'm going to see about going next week, too.

So, I'm two weeks in and that's my second challenge complete! I'm moving along nicely, I'd say...

Hope your weekend was wonderful, my bloggy loves, and something enlightening or illuminating happened to you, too!