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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Endings... and Beginnings...

My neighbor told me the other day that The Farmer's Almanac said we weren't going to get any snow this winter. I wasn't unhappy about that after last winter, when we were ass-deep for months. But? The Almanac lied. It's snowing in Pigsknuckle today! I do like the first snow, I have to admit. Then I want it to be gone and not return 'til next winter. But I guess we have to take what we get, don't we?

It's interesting, really, that the first snow has arrived just a few days before the Winter Solstice -- the day we welcome back the sun and look for the days to get longer. The Solstice is my favorite part of the holiday season -- it's my New Year and my new beginning. Ryan and I have a little ritual, which we'll do as normal on Tuesday, to celebrate the shortest day of the year. We light a fire in the fire pit outside and bundle up around it, with steaming mugs of hot chocolate. In the pit we burn 3 lists, which include things we want to send up to the Universe...

First is a list of things for which we're grateful. I like it to be good and long, full of the big important things and the little important things that make us glad to be here on this planet, even when Life isn't going as well as we'd like.

Second is a list of things we'd like to let go of -- fears and hurts and grudges. They do nothing but hold us back but letting them go isn't always easy. Writing them down and putting them out there helps.

Last is a list of things we want for other people -- specific things for people we know and general things for those we don't. I like to include good things for people I might not even like because I believe that what you put out there comes back to you.

What about you? Does the end of the year signify a new beginning for you? Do you do anything special to acknowledge it?


A Woman Of No Importance said...

Diane, that ritual, chiming as it does with our Solstice, is just more than wonderful - To treasure - I find it tugs at my heart-strings with its beauty and absolute sense.

Solstice blessings, wrap warm both xox

hebba said...

that's a nice ritual. I especially like that the third list is not things for yourself, but things for other people. I just may adopt that little ritual myself!

SSP said...

those are great! what a lovely, I go sliding into new year's eve with an exhausted WHUMPPPPFFF....then I get on a plane a couple of days later and start all over again.......sigh

McGillicutty said...

I haven't ever marked the solstice although it's always in the back of my mind as that was the day we had our marriage blessed in England. I love your tradition and seems like it would be very liberating. I have been thinking this year of all the let go's I need to do and all the regrouping I need to do in 2011. Your post have given me food for thought... it's definitely a year for change in this household. xxx

injaynesworld said...

What an awesome tradition. Really. How very, very special. Now you've got me thinking. I always just kind of let one year slide into the next. Maybe it has to do with getting older and all my striving for success, etc, being behind me. I'm in more of a coast mode now, but there are still things I would like to send up to the Universe and, thanks to this wonderful post, I think I'll do just that.

Merry Christmas, Diane

dianne said...

That is a lovely ritual Diane, I hope all of your wishes and those of Ryan come true.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

xoxoxo ♡

Debbie said...

LOve the the the picture of the fire pit and hot chocolate! Wishing you WONDERFUL things this new year!!

Sueann said...

I have always loved the idea of the New Year!! Starting afresh! With new ideas and new found zeal!!

Rachel B said...

Beautiful as always, Diane :)

I do something similar at Samhain -- I make a list of things that have died (people, situations, etc) or have come to an end, then burn it. I like the idea of these three lists. I might try something similar this evening.

Since my husband works this evening, we can't celebrate together. But I'll string up Christmas lights around the front door and leave them lit so he'll be greeted by them when he returns at 2:30 a.m.

Anonymous said...


I hope all of your wishes come true!

Lots of love,


Sherri Murphy said...

What a great idea!

I don't do anything in particular to celebrate the ending of one year, however, it ALWAYS leaves me with a grateful heart. Grateful that I have survived a thousand little things (and a few Big Ones!) that I thought I couldn't--and as an optimist, I am always eagerly anticipating the new year ahead.

I lost some good friends this year and my son joined the Army. But I survived those heartaches. And my soul is at peace. For that, I am very grateful.
Grateful for you as well.