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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey…
Kenji Miyazawa

I’ve mentioned that I don’t like the holidays much. This time of year is always really difficult for me and I’ll admit I’m struggling at the moment. And I’m struggling with some things that aren’t normally even issues… so instead of the good-sized whammy that usually smacks me upside my head, this one feels like a massive, ugly whammy that's kicking me in the ass, too. I’ve always been someone who sees the light at the end of the tunnel; who knows nothing lasts forever… but still, I’m just barely holding it together right now. It’ll pass, I know… and I wish I could just hibernate until it does… wouldn’t that be lovely? But, no, life doesn’t work that way, does it? So I’m trying to find some ways to embrace the pain and burn it for fuel… trying hard. You know what, though? I’d rather burn chocolate... or red wine.

Anyway, I’ve been tagged for a couple of memes and I got another great award today from Heinous. I’ll pass them on soon, I promise… after I wrestle this whammy to the ground and stomp some of the ugly out of it.


♥ Braja said...

Hey...I am sorry to hear you're so down, and I don't even know you. If I could get you in the room for 30 mins I know I could make you walk away from that monster, not just wrestle him...and I don't mean anything lesbian-ish. Not that there's anything wrong with that...(?)

That was a nice introduction, wasn't it? Coulda just said, "Hi, I'm Braja," but nooooo...

Anonymous said...

Hey no rule says you can't stomp out the uglies with wine and chocolate...besides what better excuse to have them than the simple fact that it's cold outside? Gotta keep warm somehow, right? :)

Melanie Gillispie said...

Sorry Diannabelle. You kind of make my pitifulness of searching for friends seem somehow less pitiful. You would feel better by proxy, I'm sure, if you would JUST GIVE ME THE PRETTY BOY FOR CHRISTMAS DAMN IT!!

I told Corky about the purse, and while you didn't get me back for the nose-snorting tea trick, you may have gotten me back through her because I thought she was going to choke!

Lee said...

Yeah, I'm half with Shanna: go down the chocolate therapy route.

That and have the phone number handy of someone you can just ring and talk to, any time. Someone who will listen without trying to judge or problem solve.

These things will pass but it can be so hard to believe it when the top of the well seems so high and the walls so black.

In the mean time, there is the chocolate.

Unknown said...

You'll make it through, you always do and you always will. Stomp the ugly out of it? Would that be like kicking it pretty?

P.S. Watch out for Braja...she's kinda shifty.

Jenners said...

Sending you some good wishes and thoughts through the universe. Hang in there... the holidays can be a brutal time when you aren't feeling good about stuff. Just do your best!

SouthernBelle said...

Dianne, the internet loves you. You will make it.

Mama Wheaton said...

It sounds to easy to say this too will pass, well because sometimes the passing can take a while. So, drink your wine, eat your chocolate and wait it out. I could so relate to how you are feeling right now and I guess my hope for you is that you have a really good friend who is close. I'm still looking, but I know it helps.

justsomethoughts... said...

a few lines from "clumsy" by: our lady peace (great song)

I'll be wavin' my hand
watching you drown
watching you scream
quiet or loud
and maybe you should sleep
and maybe you just need a friend
as clumsy as youve been
there's no ones laughing
you will be safe in here
you will be safe in here

diane, keep on keepin' on

were all pulling for you

mo.stoneskin said...

Beat it! Beat it proper!

Tom said...


I promised to pop by and post a comment, so here's the first one!

You're not alone, Christmas can be a hard time for lots of people, I know only too well. On the other hand, it's obvious to me reading your blog and the comments from your friends, that you'll be just fine in the end and your optimism and sense of humour will win the day! Even more so will be Ryan and the way I'm sure you'll make her Christmas special, and I think that'll make you feel wonderful. Perhaps not now, but maybe in the new year!

Will that happen? I think so! And if you don't mind, may I add you to my friends' blogroll? Whether that will cheer you up, I don't know, probably not, but I hope it does!

Take care. Tom

Red Cup Mom said...

I think there is something in the air this year for the holiday season. Like as if the low gas prices brought on holiday blues for the rest of us in some awful karma-like manner.

Do your best and it shall pass.

And stomp it out too!


J Cosmo Newbery said...

This too shall pass. Everything does.

Zuzana said...

Diane; that too will pass.
Hang in there. Life is full of ups and downs, only the ups are so much more easier (and fun) to handle.

Aw, I just saw that everyone else said exactly the same! I did not even look.:P
There you see, we all know how it feels to be this down.
Maybe it is time for you to burn that vine and chocolate. To bad you are so far away, as I am fully stocked up on those two items.;)

Heather said...

Sheesh, do you SEE how loved you are?! All of these people, including me, hope that you "stomp the ugly" out of this mess. We're all wishing you the best. :)
And if it takes chocolate and wine, well then, dammit, you deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling so blue, I can relate, the holidays tend to do that to me as well. Here's wishing you a ray of sunshine to break through the darkness and burn the pain.

Heather's M

Anonymous said...

You know I understand how hard it is at times...chocolate is on the way :) ...enjoy

Diane said...

Thank you all... you're the best bloggy (and real-life) friends ever. I heart you all...XOXO

And now, I will resume my stomping.

Connie said...

I'll be thinking of you when I open my bottle of wine tonight while slowly eating my small square of dark chocolate. I'd send you some but there is no way either will make it out of the house these days ... you understand. ;)